Friday, August 10, 2018

Jurassic Park Bag

So the t-shirt supplier I use sometimes sends freebies with orders. A couple orders ago, I got one of those cinch nylon backpack things. And it needed a classic Jurassic Park logo... because... it just did.

Also, perfect opportunity to test out specialty variety of heat transfer vinyl that works at lower temperatures. It's a little more labor intensive, as it takes prepping the nylon surface with rubbing alcohol and preheating between layers. But the design adhered and the bag didn't melt!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

1920s Flapper Dress

So this post is very, very late... I made this dress for my birthday party over a year ago. We did a fun 1920s themed murder mystery.

The dress is a simple four piece design with a hem that comes to points, done in black satin. The designwork is dark gold and light gold spandex, actually (hard to get a good antique gold fabric). I cheater 'appliqued' it on by backing the pieces with heat-n-bond and then laying them out into the pattern, which is weaved in some places and otherwise meets up in points. There is a center front and center back seam as well as side seams that all required proper laying out of the pieces to align. The neckline is outside-faced with the gold fabric. The hem is trimmed with 12 inch gold fringe.

If I had to do it again... I would (now having the capability) use vinyl and my heatpress... 
Still would need meticulous laying out, but not so much ironing! And it might lay a little smoother than the thicker applique (with the layer of heat-n-bond holding it together).

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Dottie Angel Wrap Dress (Simplicity 8186)

I've had these two fabrics (a red and white cotton damask, and a black and white check) for quite awhile and really always wanted to do a layered look with them, so when I came across this Dottie Angel Pattern (Simplicity 8186) it seemed perfect for them. Also, I didn't have a lot of either (about a couple yards of each, not even) and surprisingly this pattern doesn't require a whole lot fabric, as far as clothing goes.

As you can sort of see in the pattern photos and 'views', the underdress is very much a sack dress. The little darts at the bustline are quite minimal in providing any sort of fit. So if you're curvy at all, you're looking at a horrendous outcome. I made it to a size to fit my bust, which meant the waist was literally 8 inches too large and the hip was a couple inches excessive as well. 

I did not take a photo of the original before fitting (it's really difficult for me to stop mid-project to take photos, even though I know that it would be helpful if I intend to blog about it). 

Anyway, to mitigate the monstrosity of the sack dress, I first too the side seams in about an inch on each side, tapering from bust (where the dress fit was fine). Then I put in some classic front darts (from but through waist... making sure I didn't make them too deep or fully fitted, as this dress is a pull-on and has no fastener. I also threw a band of casing and elastic in the back to pull up some more of the slack while still allowing the dress to have enough give to be pulled on over bust.

(Sidenote: My lovely bicycle tan is clearly visible here, with racerback tank lines and pale lower legs, tan knees/thighs. Also, giant calves)

Some shape is lost with this dress, as the wrap dress is only minimally fitted. I can't imagine having the true sack form of the underdress bunching up beneath it, however. Definitely needs fitting or modification unless you have a very straight line figure, like the model in the pattern photos. Then it looks great as is.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Take Your Heart Baseball Tee

This was a commissioned piece by a friend for her husband. It's from his currently favorite game, Persona 5: Take Your Heart edition. (Got to love having nerdy friends with unique requests).

This is the piece in which I really realized that the vinyl shrinks when applied... Black outlines with a lot of detail are very hard to line up. And often require an entire new black layer to be cut (or a couple) until I can figure out the shrinkage percentage. It might actually be worth some experiments to figure out this ratio percentage so that I can automatically shrink any black outline/detail layers and not waste vinyl or frustration trying to make it work.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Dean Winchester 'I Wuv Hugz' Cosplay T-Shirt

Dean Winchester Cosplay T-Shirt
(on etsy)
Okay. So yeah, I'm a giant nerd. And maybe acquiring a heat press and cricut, and with them the ability to easily create t-shirts or etc, was not the best thing to normalize my crafting tastes.

Anyway, this a memorable piece from a specific episode of Supernatural in which badass Dean finds himself reliving memories from his very early childhood, complete with 'I Wuv Hugz' t-shirt. 
Love that he's still got the flannel going, though, as well. 

Dean Winchester, Supernatural 5x16
(While the costuming in this series isn't particularly special, elaborate or stunning, the wardrobe department knows what they're doing, making character appropriate choices and creating subtle yet iconic looks with things as basic as a trench coat-wearing angel or a lovable curmudgeon with a signature dirty trucker's hat.)

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Vintage School Sweatshirt Repro: PHCS Panthers

My friend's birthday was in May. And by 'friend' I mean someone who is basically my sister, that I've known since the age of 7 and attended school with (1st through 12th, not K-12 since she went to kindergarten elsewhere).  Anyway, she very badly wanted one of our old school sweatshirts from the 1990s. So of course, being the wonderful friend I am ;-), I made her one 
(and one for myself while I was at it).

This is actually two classes ('03 & '04) worth of kids; field trip ca '96 or '97
All I had to base the reproduction on was an old picture from a field trip... So maybe the most challenging design so far, trying to get it accurate.

My wonderful classmates & friends :-p
I like the way it turned out. 
The sweatshirt I used is a boat-neck, and I actually like the style quite a bit. It has an extra a '90s feel. 
(Also super soft 'fleece' inside -Bell Canvas brand)

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Corner Gas Guzzlers

I've wanted a Corner Gad Guzzlers' Baseball Tee forever. 

So naturally, this was one of the first things I made. If you're unfamiliar with Canadian comedy series 'Corner Gas' you should go watch it now. It's especially funny if you're familiar with small towns and/or Canada.

This is the slow pitch uniform the team with the main characters wear in one of the episodes. 
(And yes, since I made some for my friends and parents, I did watch this episode again to track which character was which number.)