Saturday, April 30, 2011

50s Cherry Dress

Retro Butterick '52 Wrap Dress (B4790)
So I should've kept sewing, but I just had to play with my new dress when I finished it!

(PS I had this fabric and pattern sitting around for over a year... why am I so slow?)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

ABOUT FRICKEN TIME!!! (raincoat)

Simplicity 4084 Trench Coat Pattern Variation B (altered for hood instead of collar) in Nicey Jane Lindy Leaf Laminated Cotton. I know it looks crazy busy with the intense print, but I quite like it!


Construction Issues
So laminated fabric is a pain in the ass, because it doesn't like to feed through the machine. With right sides together, sewing the main seams isn't a problem (too much), but the topstitching is an epic fail. My solution: 'borrow' tear-a-way stabilizer from work (scraps we were just going to throw out anyway), sandwich the garment between them and the feeddogs grip the paper-like stabilizer. Had to be careful tearing it away, since it tends to pull up the stitching (causing loops/loose stitches...grr...) even with the bobbin and tension tightened and the stitch length set shorter/tighter.  But it was the only solution I could finagle...

*EDIT* Have to love craftster! trashytrashytrash posted this helpful link on my raincoat thread in the forum upon hearing of my difficulties with the laminated fabric. Apparently, there are special 'non-stick' pressor feet to deal with vinyl and vinyl-like fabrics. I might have to look into acquiring one for my machine if I decide to do more (and I do have a significant amount of the laminated fabric left).

WORK APRON: Blue with Owl Applique

 Simplicity 2272 with applique from McCall's 6334

Sunday, April 10, 2011

April TO DO:

  • Raincoat, RAINCOAT, RAINCOAT!!!
  • Paint Umbrella and Boots to match raincoat
  • Wedding Gift
  • 50s Outfit
    • Cherry Dress
    • Red 'silk' purse
    • Black jersey wrap cardigan (with tutorial if I'm good about keep tracking whilst drafting)
  • Apron(s) for work (I need pockets!)
  • and almost forgot, big basket of various mending for a friend of my father
Wish me luck...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baby Boy Coat (1 yr old)

Baby Gift for my other cousin who is expecting...

Camel Suedecloth, Simplicity 2526

Pattern is for unlined, but I added flannel