Saturday, July 30, 2011

GEAR MONKEY COAT (Tinkerer's Frock Coat Revisited)

Explorer's/Dreamer's Pose
So had the idea back in, what, February (?) of making a 'simpler' version of the Tinkerer's Frock Coat.
Also made the pants, years ago out of nifty microfiber

Turns out, it's just as much work. :-/

And I got lazy when I had to draft armhole facing (which really isn't that difficult and took me all of ten minutes...) instead of being able to just fold the edge in and hem it up like I was able to do with the Tinkerer's.
Add in hand-painting gear motif, and it's the freakin' equivalent time-consuming monster, even with all of the details (grease stains, tears, wear, and patches) of the Tinkerer's.
HOODS: Necessity to occlude identity from THE MACHINE
Charging what I do for these pieces (below minimum wage if I bothered to count the hours), I think I can only stomach one or two custom orders. Plus, I really, really don't like to do the same thing too many times. I have attention span issues, apparently.
Good Ol' Detachable Hood/Sleeves for messy jobs
Also, didn't really draft up patterns for the cargo pockets last time (and cargo pockets are the devil, more complicated than welt pockets, etc.) Sort of just winged it, so I had to do all that drafting this time 'round.

Billowy Coat for COOLNESS... :-)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wonderland Dress

Because a girl can never have too many Alice dresses (and I got this cool fabric a while back and had no idea what to do with it until a couple months ago)...
Simplicity 2591 View A with custom collar and added ties for 'faux apron' look. In 'Royal Family' cottons and periwinkle blue silk (which was very stretch-tastic, not easy to work with, uberwrinkly, and the dress is so large/stretchy that I can pull it over my head without using the not so good)
The back is wonky/too large despite being taken in a couple inches at the zipper. It's very large at the neckline and in the shoulders. Alas, I am/was too lazy to mess with it. Perhaps, later...
 I had cut this out a couple weeks ago, and look what I got for my birthday! An Alice shadowbox locket from my friend, that matches perfectly! She posted a tutorial and everything up on crafster.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jellyfish Wrap Pants

I considered making a stencil or finding a sketch to transfer, but as with most projects, it's just better to wing it ;-) So I freehanded with a pink painter's pen (I love these things!)
Simplicity 5508 (Out-of-print now, I believe, but if I recall correctly there is another newer one with the wrap pants included...) View C (the rest are tops, flip-flops, a floppy hat, a bag -good, complete beachwear pattern) in Blue batik (which I ended up ordering because the ones in the store were too busy or the patterns formed by the dye weren't 'oceany'.

They look better on a person, but since they're not my size, they would not lay right if I modeled them. Initially, I was going to do both legs, but that seemed like it'd be too busy/overkill. So I left it as one leg, but this seemed unbalanced. My friend suggested adding a 'squishy', aka a mini/baby jellyfish. He is on the upper left leg, across from the large lone jellyfish.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


So I currently do not have the energy for a vast explanation. Thus, in pictures, I present...


Completed Ensemble: From Topper to Hem Made By Me. Parasol & Boots were not.

The Players

Billowy Bustle Back

Steampunk Cowgirl, costume also made by me
 Blouse, Waistcinch, Bloomers, Belts & Holsters (not worn in this shot)


Gear Wickets

Wicket from 'Piping'
Croquet Ball POV -'scrap metal wicket'

(contest was for captaincy of a dirigible)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Spraypainting is NOT my friend...

Kit for Steampunk Croquet
After Day 1 of spraypainting (yesterday)... It might have been too humid, but the copper colour paint remained  tacky and pooled nastily. Also, no matter how liberal and precise I was with the painters tape, the paint would bleed or peel up. Guess I'll never be a graffiti artist, because spraypaint and me do not get along. It makes sense, I guess, considering I'm of the  'slow craft' variety. It's too fast for me/I don't have enough control with the spray paint. Unfortunately, about ten different bouts of painting didn't do it. There still needs to be a couple more rounds with the spray cans. And then, god help me, I am not spraypainting again for a very, very long time!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


  • finish up last couple of projects from STEAMPUNK TO DO list
  • Jellyfish wrap pants (batik with hand painted pink jellies)
  • present for friend's (august) bday (or cop out and buy something?)
  • present for father's (august) bday (or cop out and buy something?)
  • Gear Monkey Coat prototype
  • Wonderland-inspired Dress for Me
  • almost forgot, repair blanket (seamstress commission)
  • Madame Chan Visits Victoria custom order

OPTIONAL TO DO: (aka, if I have the time)
  • Summer blouse(s)
  • lightweight jersey hoodie in black skull/clock print with neon zebra facing for fall
  • finish 50s Hostess apron