Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lovebird Summer Dress (Simplicity 4199)

So... yet another 'I bought this fabric forever ago and just finally got around to using it' project.  I made a dress with this pattern (Simplicity 4119 ) years ago and really like it, except the bodice is so skimpy that I always wear it with a blouse on top. So, I thought I'd try making the bodice a little larger for better coverage. But apparently, that was a fail :-/ I still think it's cute, though.

Have to say, quilter's cottons make the best summer dresses! Girlie lovebird design cotton with turquoise taffeta accent and bow.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Black Gauze Wrap Pants & Pink Chiffon Top

One of my favourite summer clothing items is a pair of wrap pants I made a few years ago from Simplicity 5508 (I believe it is no longer in print, but that there is a different pattern that has the same wrap pants currently in production).

This black lightweight cotton (gauze) with silver stripes was just begging to become a pair.

I had no idea what top I could wear with it, so I went through my stash and found the massive amount of pink chiffon (that I cannot even fathom the reason I purchased it for... probably because it was on sale), which seemed like a good idea for a lightweight summer shirt.

While I've utilized the pants pattern numerous times, as well as tried out the hat, I'd never given the (knit) tops pattern a go, and thought 'hey, why not?' Quite like how it turned out. Due to the sheerness, I opted just to finish the neck edge with a narrow hem instead of using facing pieces.

(Have to say this outfit turned out a lot more flattering than I had imagined, which is a nice bonus!)

Monday, July 16, 2012




  1. The ground is LAVA!
  2. Players must reach the end by answering trivia questions and charades, earning a KEY along the way, and saving Nikola Tesla.
  3. The captain (player who initially rolls highest number, and then those who answer cards with captain symbol correctly) wears the CAPTAIN (pith helmet) charm and can make up additional rules at the beginning of each turn.
  4. The SAFETY (wings) charm is earned by rolling a 5, and allows the player to move freely from space to space or between turns.
  5. Minions hold a players place in case of necessary absence.
  6. PENALTIES (skull and cross bone charms) are accrued by touching lava without safety or captain's permission or by breaking captain's rules.


Monday, July 2, 2012

Falconer's Glove (for handling Jack the Raven)

Jack, the best steampunk accessory! (Here's his story if you aren't acquainted)

Glove is variant on Butterick 5370 (historical gloves pattern), the forearm portion of the glove, with eyelets and lacing are alterations/custom design)


  • finish STEAMPUNK EXPEDITION (life-sized board game)
    • die
    • spaces
    • trivia cards
      • Anachronism
      • Tesla vs. Edison
      • decorate
    • Tesla
  • Costume Accessories
    • eye augmentation patch
    • upgrade Jack (the raven)
    • compass/alethiometer (?)
  • Wallet
Randomly this past week, a character concept/costume series struck me and wouldn't go away...(maybe an August project)
Susie the Tinkerer (aka Tinker-Sue)