Monday, May 22, 2017

Fantasy Hoods

An essential and easy addition to any range of fantasy or sci-fi costumes... the HOOD. In particular when you're trying to disguise your identity, fight the Man or work as a vigilante.

These are pretty simple styled garments, cropped to chest length, and open sided (except for a bit of elastic under the arm to adjust fit). Grommets and lacing in the front adds functionality and style. The hood itself is a nice, full cut that has nice, classic form. They're actually a unisex design.

Hoods work better (keep their shape better) when made from heavier weight materials, so I used some fun upholestry weight and heavy twills to make these. The black-on-black raised dot fabric I particularly enjoy (yay! texture). The gears on the heavy drab green hood give it a little steampunk/cyberpunk flavor.

-Medieval Style Dress (cheater: made from a modern knit fabric is super cozy but with the same silhouette)
-Taffeta Underskirt (Not seen)
-Overbust Corset (in brocade with brass zip front.)
-Wooden Crossbow Toy (can't remember the website I ordered it from)
-Gold Cuff Bracelet (Marshalls, maybe?)

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Steampunk Pirate Pants

This was actually in my unfinished projects pile for a long time. Found it while sorting through stuff and decided to finish it up. It's a variant on wrap pants (which might just be my favorite). This one features much longer leg back sections that leg front sections, so wrap across the waist front, requiring a slightly different tying technique and giving a more 'skirt' look when standing normally.

It's a red Asian print brocade for a more cosmopolitan Airship Pirate feel. The rest of the outfit consists of Black Long-Sleeved Shirt (Store), Black Brocade Underbust Corset (My work), Cropped Hood-Vest (My work), Grommet Belt with Pouches & Compass (My Work), Goggles (etsy seller I don't remember which shop -sorry!), Aetheray Gun (Altered Squirt Gun).

These are part of the last set of pictures taken at my parents' house in the woods where I grew up. 
We just moved this past weekend. All my sewing stuff is in storage for now until we get into the new house. So I have a few items that I haven't shared here, but it's probably going to be awhile, and a new backdrop when I get back to making projects again. (Have been mostly working on repairs, alterations, hemming and the like.)