Tuesday, March 15, 2016


And for those reall cold cosplaying days... 


 This was what I wore for Saranac Lake's Winter Carinval in February. It was a superheroes and villain's theme and a balmy -13 degrees Fahrenheit the day of the parade. So fleece wasn't going to cut it. 


-Wig (eBay)
-Jacket (Wal-Mart with white Faux fur trim added)
-X-Men Arm Patch out of fleece
-Scarf (yellow and green fleece)
-Belt (Black with grommets)
-X-Men Belt Buckle(craft foam)
-Yellow Fleece Gloves (made by me)
-Black Snowpants
-Winter Boots



-Red Pencil applied to my dark eyebrows, which matched the wig pretty well, I think. (It's actually a lip liner because I only have a few supplies I purchased for other cosplays and don't wear makeup regularly)
-Green Eyeshadow (of course!)
-Fake Eyelashes (sometimes they're fun. But never when you're trying to apply them, and your tube of eyelash glue has dried up since the last time you used it two years ago and you have to squeeze the tube so hard to dislodge the dry chunk that it squirts all over the bathroom sink -and wall.)
-The usual Concealer, Powder, Blush
-Red Lip Liner and this Sparkly Lip Whatnot (comes in pencil form)

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Spandex a little too thin for your winter cosplaying?
I decided to experiment with fleece, and have to say it worked pretty well.
(It was a cheap as well as warm alternative.)

-Wig (Ebay; I added the black fleece headband)
-Bomber Jacket (Thrift Store with X-Men patch my friend made on her embroidery machine)
-Fleece Jacket (I made, with faux belt.
-Fleece Pants (I made... faux thigh-high boot effect)
-Fleece Shoe/Boot Covers (I made to go over a pair of heel, which you can't see anyway because they sunk into the snow)

Friday, March 4, 2016

Pattern Review: Dottie Angel (Simplicity 1080)

Here's another 'I made this last fall but didn't take photos until last week' projects..

Simplicity 1080: Dottie Angel Dress/Tunic



Simplicity 1080

I love the simple style of this dress. I also love to make dresses out of the fun prints you can only get in Quilter's cottons, which this dress is obviously designed for. Not only is it cute, it has a utilitarian look to it with large, easily accessible patterns.
The cut is basically, well, a tunic in the dolman style. The fit is achieved through pleats at the front underbust with ties to be ties in the back. (I would recommend lowering the pleat placement for larger bust sizes or you'll end up with the tucks/fit across the bust instead of under it).



I like the contrast variation of this pattern. However, I'm not a huge fan of hard lines in my own clothing. I admire the modish look on others, but I guess it's just not my cup of tea.
So I opted to alter the pattern and added a  scalloped/petal effect on the main dress fabric overlaying the contrast hem piece. (The outdoor photos are a little washed out. The detail is more color correct for the dress fabrics.)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Coldweather Cosplay: Steampunk Variation II

Here's the second Coldweather Steampunk Outfit I made last fall...
(and didn't take photos of until last week)

-Green Herringbone Brushed Cotton Hooded Shrug (made by me)
-Goggles (etsy)
-Black Danskin undershirt (Walmart?)
-Victorian Overbust Corset in Cream Silk Jacquard (made by me)
-Plaid Brushed Cotton Asymetrical Skirt (made by me, Simplicity 1033)
-Green Fleece Lined Tights (ebay)
-Black Winter Boots