Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Burn all the things!

It was my friends' 5th Wedding Anniversary a few days ago. And since the interwebs informed me that "wood" is the traditional gift, I decided to do a woodburning of their favorite Doctor Who companions (who were featured in their wedding cake topper and at their "head table")

I had wanted to put the image on the top of a wooden keepsake box for usefullness, but couldn't find a single one locally. I am informed that the plaque is better because it's easier to hang on the wall. :)

This is my first real woodburning project. I think I might done something on a camp or girl scout arts and crafts moment back in th day. The tool does take a little getting used to, with the different nibs behaving in different ways and non giving you a clean, fine line for text. (grr)

But I was happy with the way it turned out. And more importantly, so were my friends!

Wishing them many more years together (even though I probably won't be up to the task of glass etching or metalwork/smithing when the next milestone comes around)!

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