Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sh! It's a Surprise! (Cherry Hat)

I made this hat for my grandmother. I hope it fits her (if it doesn't I will make her another one, since I have plenty of fabric). Hopefully I will be mailing it out to her this weekend (so nobody tell and ruin the surprise!) She's been having health issues (that I know she would prefer I not broadcast to the world). Let's just say that I hope this will brighten her day and she'll get some good use out of it.

It's reversible!

Simplicity 5353, only sort of following their sewing directions... as per usual for me. I wanted it to be reversible, so I attached brim pieces to their corresponding crowns instead of sewing the brim together, and then attaching to the hat and lining and the putting the band/ribbon on the inside to cover the seam. Then I just put them together and finished the 'raw' brim edge with bias tape (after removing the seam allowance I did not use).

You may recognize the fabric as leftovers from my 50s Cherry Dress...

PS. Doesn't my new teal organic cotton jersey sleep shirt (which for some reason did not merit its own post, apparently, since I made it over a month ago) look like the comfiest thing ever? No? Well, it is...

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Sort of LOVE my ruffle-tastic dress and matching bustle skirt...

So, imminent (Tropical Storm Irene) rain sort of nixed the Croquet, since it would be difficult to recover the wickets before they melted (they are made of cardboard over wire, with coating of masking tape and spraypaint). Several rounds of Bocce were substituted.

Some fighting broke out amongst the participants...

Well, that was fun. Now off to other projects (and cleaning time...bleh...)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Have I completely lost my mind? (Ruffles & Trekkie-ness)

So... I've gone ruffle and lace mad in the pursuit of my next Steampunk Croquet outfit. The underbust waist-corset has been cast aside for the epic employment of ruffles. It's funny, coming from the girl who detested dresses well into her teen years and loathed tights to the very core of her being. You shall soon see what precisely has me doubting my sanity.
Also, I believe I am taking a step I vowed never to approach, that of having a Trek costume in my repertoire. Okay, perhaps, a lie. I did make that Star Trek wrap-around uniform top...

[I have since adjusted this top so it's not so revealing. Yay! for hooks and eyes!]

At any rate, I think I've settled on a TOS skant for my Halloween costume. Probably red, because I lack originality (?)...
However, any beehive I can fanangle won't match Janice Rand's epic hairdo (a wig, I'm sure, but still, check out the weaved portion!).

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Completely Irrelevant Post: An Excuse

Here's my reasoning for not accomplishing anything in the past week. Went back north (home) for the weekend for my Dad's birthday. We went fishing (eventually, after much visiting with relatives, which I also enjoyed), which I haven't done in such a long time. It used to be one of our main family activities during my entire childhood...
26 years old and my dad still puts the worm on the hook for me

And how do you like that fashion statement? :-) Skirted swimsuit under clothing, with black skirt portion out over, get this, tan cargo pants... booyeah, I rock!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Custom Order Madame Chan: Completed

This was for a custom order of the Madame Chan Visits Victoria jacket. She had a great hat with black and red accents, and her steampunk character has ties to China (Peking, I think), so  we decided on these black and red brocades with cherry blossom motifs. Again, a basic Asian jacket style, with handsewn frog closures and addition of bustle. (Had to take a picture with my goggles, since they matched so well...)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Casual Steampunk? & Fall Wardrobe Ideas...

I'm thinking that for fall, I would like some new wardrobe. And since my stash is comprised of a lot of fabrics specifically chosen (randomly bought on sale) for their steampunk potential...

I think I want to make this dress, which can be paired with a simple vest (I'm thinking a brown suiting) for Casual (aka worn to work, etc.) as well as done up (with separate bustle, and underbust) for full Steampunk costuming.
 I'm going to use a silkessence (like for my 'Riding Habit' costume), three layers of ruffles at the hem, ruffles along a placket in the center front, puffy sleeves, and of course, a hood (I have a bit of an addiction for them...) The underbust in this great black and white stripe cotton I couldn't resist, with waistcoat style hemline and welt pocket (for my pocket watch), and probably some of the great brass buttons my mom got me for my birthday.

Other pieces I would love to make for the fall (if I had the fricken time!):

A 70s outfit, a la Annie from Life on Mars (the awesome UK version, not the mediocre US one)

Perhaps, utilizing this freebie vintage pattern (1972) that's come my way... I think I would alter the vest for the lapel of Annie's, and perhaps the collar of the blouse, too.

I just need to find some cheesy 70s print lawn for the blouse. I have the perfect pinstripe suiting for the vest. I probably have something for the skirt, too... maybe... hopefully... because I really, really want to destash and not buy more fabric for a long while. Notions, they'll probably need to be aquired...

Also would like to make the 40s dresses that have been in the Project queue for over a year :-( Damn me! I think the whole 'I'm going to work on stuff to put in my etsy shop' needs to be rethought. ME! ME! ME! ME! Er... I mean, I had better work on stuff for me as to practice honing my skills. Yeah, that's it.

Alright, alright. To work with me. Custom orders and TO DO LIST items first...

Monday, August 1, 2011


So, July was a bit of a failure, accomplishing-things wise. But it did contain STEAMPUNK CROQUET!

Ahem, anyway. Hopefully, August will be more productive, even though it's going to contain STEAMPUNK CROQUET PT.II!

  • Custom order Madame Chan Visits Victoria jacket
  • Repair blanket (mass produced comforter... oh the quality, the stitching binding the edges is coming undone)
    • dress
    • separate bustle
    •  custom order Gear Monkey Coat (waiting on measurements...)
    • experiment with card crown for custom order, somewhat similar to one made for a craftster challenge:

    • Ruminate and decide upon Halloween Costume. Options thus far...
      • TOS trekkie uniform w/tricorder purse
      • Rogue (has been ongoing desire, but too overdone, I think)
      • Alice (again, ongoing desire, but too overdone)
      • Mrs. Lovett's seaside dress would be superfun!! Finding the right fabric (that delicious red and white stripe) might be a task that would take longer than I have, though...