Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Steampunk Gypsy/Peasant Dress (In-Progress)

Can't decide between pockets, patches, or both...


I made this piece quite a few years ago from old jeans.

Entirely sewn by hand with a zigzag/double running stitch. Grommeted sleeves and belt. It was too large then, so I cut the sleeves down, removing the old grommets. Now there's a bit of a gap, but it shouldn't be a problem seeing as how I wear a heavy sweater, fleece or hoodie every day. I'll have to wear a hoodie, at any rate, since you might note there is no hood on this jacket! (perhaps I'll make a detachable one sometime) That in of itself should date the piece, since I love hoods, and tend to put them on fricken everything.

I acquired some nice heavy brushed cotton at Jo-Ann fabrics, and cheated and bought some denim (instead of searching out and cutting up more old jeans and piecing them like I did originally) and whipped up the lining (sometime in December). However, it required hand-stitching to the finished edges of the coat ( didn't want to obscure the fancy zigzag hand-stitching with embroidery floss I'd done the first time 'round).

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Punked Out 40s Style Hat (Vogue 7464C)

I misbehaved and didn't use taffeta as per the directions. But it had to match my dress! And I sort of like the floppy look the more slippery/looser weave of the iridescent fabric creates... I don't know why, but  the ensemble seemed to call for the dark purple lipstick (funny, I only ever wear makeup when I dress up for photos/costume parties to complete a look).

Thursday, January 12, 2012

River Song's Journal

TARDIS journal for my friend (late Christmas present). Not extremely close reproduction, but the overall effect is not lost, is it?
I just altered a journal I already had but never used... covering the inside covers with blue fabric, making a new cover out of blue craft foam, some hot glue (not generally my favourite crafting tool), paint and voila!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Trench Dress (Butterick 5598) & Thermals

No dress is complete without a hood! (in my opinion). So I opted for a hood instead of one of the two collar variations in this pattern. [Maybe I've been consuming to much dystopian science fiction or subconsciously am planning on performing some sort of heist and think I'll require a hood to help obscure my identity at any moment.]
Iridescent Purple Lining!
You can't see the detail in these photos, but this pattern calls for some very attractive topstitching, mirroring a double-needle effect, along hem, sleeves, underarms seams, sidefront and sideback seams, and I added some along the hood for consistency. The hem was a little wonky and I had to take it out to redo it. This is likely my own fault since I shortened the pattern on the fly as I cut out (because a. they're always too long for us average height women and b. I had a limited amount of the awesome quilter's cotton I got on sale). It laid much smoother when I put the effort in... ;-)

And long john shirt and bottoms out of classic white waffle cotton thermal! I blame my affinity on either growing up in the North Country or 90s (woo! grunge!), or both.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


  • Trench Dress (Butterick 5598)
  • Thermals
  • 40s Style Hat
  • ARCTIC EXPEDITION (Steampunk Style Series)
    • Faux Shearling Spats
    • Hooded waistcoat
    • Yeti and/or Wendigo Pelt Vest (s)
  • Steampunk Peasant/Gypsy Dress 
  • Finish lining of Denim Duster

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Concert Coat (Simplicity 2172)

This was a custom piece for my aunt, who liked Simplicity 2172 (a steampunk pattern) for a coat to wear for conducting a concert. My first project with dupioni silk, which frayed a bit more than I expected, but not terribly/enough to alter sewing technique. The ruffles needed black sparkly organza, of course! I thought buttons covered with the black silk would be a more classic/classy look than plastic/metal/etc. buttons.
Superwindy Day!

Overall, I do like this pattern. The style/fit is nice, the lacing detail in back, the ruffle, sleeve flanges, fully functional slanted pockets with flap detail (love them!)... Had to shorten it a few inches in order to have the grain of the dupioni 'slubs' run vertical. However, given how most patterns are designed in the tallish/model standard, it falls to a rather nice length. Also, I finished seams and raw edges instead of lining it, for concerns as to weight (also why silk was chosen, poly would be too hot for use under stage lighting and wasn't feeling any of the cottons I'd seen).

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

50s Smocked Hostess Apron (COMPLETED PROJECT)

Finally finished up this 50s Smocked Hostess Apron that I started who knows how long ago... (see link for scan of vintage pattern I uploaded)
I followed the directions as to colour/fabric choice, as well, red and white gingham, black embroidery floss, and black grosgrain ribbon (velvet probably would've looked better, but I opted for what was available.)
The apron in the pattern sketches is much fuller than it turned out for me... oh well...

Monday, January 2, 2012

Retro Cherry Apron

One of the Xmas presents I crafted...

Simplicity 2592
(a reprint/reissue of a 1950s pattern)
I changed the bib, however, since I used this for my owl apron, and didn't really like the v-neckline.
Trimmed with black and red stripe fabric.