Sunday, January 8, 2012

Trench Dress (Butterick 5598) & Thermals

No dress is complete without a hood! (in my opinion). So I opted for a hood instead of one of the two collar variations in this pattern. [Maybe I've been consuming to much dystopian science fiction or subconsciously am planning on performing some sort of heist and think I'll require a hood to help obscure my identity at any moment.]
Iridescent Purple Lining!
You can't see the detail in these photos, but this pattern calls for some very attractive topstitching, mirroring a double-needle effect, along hem, sleeves, underarms seams, sidefront and sideback seams, and I added some along the hood for consistency. The hem was a little wonky and I had to take it out to redo it. This is likely my own fault since I shortened the pattern on the fly as I cut out (because a. they're always too long for us average height women and b. I had a limited amount of the awesome quilter's cotton I got on sale). It laid much smoother when I put the effort in... ;-)

And long john shirt and bottoms out of classic white waffle cotton thermal! I blame my affinity on either growing up in the North Country or 90s (woo! grunge!), or both.

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  1. You have completed TWO hooded ensembles, and I have none... Must remedy this...