Sunday, January 22, 2012


I made this piece quite a few years ago from old jeans.

Entirely sewn by hand with a zigzag/double running stitch. Grommeted sleeves and belt. It was too large then, so I cut the sleeves down, removing the old grommets. Now there's a bit of a gap, but it shouldn't be a problem seeing as how I wear a heavy sweater, fleece or hoodie every day. I'll have to wear a hoodie, at any rate, since you might note there is no hood on this jacket! (perhaps I'll make a detachable one sometime) That in of itself should date the piece, since I love hoods, and tend to put them on fricken everything.

I acquired some nice heavy brushed cotton at Jo-Ann fabrics, and cheated and bought some denim (instead of searching out and cutting up more old jeans and piecing them like I did originally) and whipped up the lining (sometime in December). However, it required hand-stitching to the finished edges of the coat ( didn't want to obscure the fancy zigzag hand-stitching with embroidery floss I'd done the first time 'round).

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