Friday, July 31, 2015

Steampunk 30th Birthday

My friends were all nice enough to drive all the way up to the North Country for my 30th birthday... and dress up for a tea party/picnic.

Steampunks in the woods...

My character was the Dirigible Tour Guide.

The activity was a scavenger hunt for the pieces to make a dirigible, since the tour had ended abruptly in a crash and the usable parts would only make a balloon capable of carrying one person. [Because I was busy/lazy] I didn't take any photos of the pieces I made, but they were just craft foam shaped for 3d models and spray-painted.

The Notice:

And the patches on my uniform:


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Raggedy Catrina Dolls

So I was looking for some crafty items to sell at craft fairs and the like, and plushies always seem like a good idea... Not sure why, but I was inspired to make some Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) rag dolls... or Raggety Catrina, as I'm calling them. 

Only... didn't work out so well, since I hand-painted, hand-embroidered and hand-sewed them... taking up innumerable hours of my time, and meaning I will never even make minimum wage off from them by selling them at even a price that seems too high to sell.

But, I like the way they turned out...

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Steamstressing for Horsefeathers Haunts

So I've been pretty quiet on the blog front for the past few months, I know. Adjusting to limited internet access (requiring me to drive the thirteen miles into town to the library to use their wi-fi), and my self-employed and temporary (until I find my own land/place) living status.

I had resigned myself to doing primarily alterations, hemming and the like when I moved back North. But luckily I hooked up with Horsefeathers Haunts, who are preparing for their Grand Opening this October. It's hard to describe exactly what they are... More like Halloween Experience than Haunted Hay Ride (although wagon rides are part of what they'll be offering, I believe... check out their site). Their aesthetic is really creative and fun, featuring a steampunk theme as well as other fantasy and general spooky/scare genres.

At any rate, I've been working on some pieces for their Steampunk costuming/characters... (And having lots of fun doing it! The owner has dubbed me a 'steamstress' and I think I like the title/)

Altering some thrifted garments...

Purple Cordoroy Jacket transformed

Adding details to costumes...

Pink Petticoat and Pinafore for Lolita Dress

Bustle Hoop, Drape & Bow for Purple Dress

Blue Satin Accents & Lifts for Drab Plaid Dress

Deconstructing & Reconstructing...

From Pink Prom Dress to Steampunk Princess
Jacket & Skirt with Salvaged Lace & Beading

Making from scratch...

Woman's Steampunk Jacket

Early 19th Century Military Style Jacket & Vest

Hunter Khaki Jacket & Belt

Pirate Coat

If you're going to be in the Potsdam area during October, definitely check them out!