Friday, July 31, 2015

Steampunk 30th Birthday

My friends were all nice enough to drive all the way up to the North Country for my 30th birthday... and dress up for a tea party/picnic.

Steampunks in the woods...

My character was the Dirigible Tour Guide.

The activity was a scavenger hunt for the pieces to make a dirigible, since the tour had ended abruptly in a crash and the usable parts would only make a balloon capable of carrying one person. [Because I was busy/lazy] I didn't take any photos of the pieces I made, but they were just craft foam shaped for 3d models and spray-painted.

The Notice:

And the patches on my uniform:



  1. You are too cool! Great idea, good execution. And, of course, your outfit is terrific!

  2. Congrats to your Birthday, being 30 is not that bad, right? Your outfit looks smashing and I guess the party was great too!