Sunday, November 13, 2011


This seems easier than trying to force all of this into a To Do List that will never get done in the month. So, here's another project stewing in my brain but does not quite have priority enough to merit the official To Do List.

Overall Dress

 Best photo I could find, doesn't show the length, its awesome dress-ness, or the (totally captured my heart) long-john bottoms layer beneath... which, won't lie, is totally how I would rock out my overall dress. This looks like duck or corduroy, but I have an excellent heavier suedecloth/moleskin with textured lines that I'm considering...


Suppose it was inevitable, watching my favourite Trek whilst in full-on costuming obsession...

Known for her outlandish outfits, I never ever thought her style would appeal to me... Either I've gone completely wacked, or this is one awesome dress (see episode 4x22). I think it's the fit and vaguely Victorian-esque silhouette. Also, it is probably one of her more simple ensembles. Looks like Brown chocolate velour bodice and sleeves with luscious taffeta with a subtle paisley motif skirts and accents. The design of the skirt lends it a vaguely bustle-like/Victorian shape, and the belt is so turn of the century (with elaborate buckle)!

Will probably never have the capabilities (appropriate fabric) or time for this piece, but one can wish...

The Expendable Yeoman (2-in-1) Costume

So I'm not dead. Just stupid busy from my 'real' job and exhausted. Bleh! Hopefully, I will be able to work on projects, post them, and catch up on reading some of my favourite crafting blogs soon.
At any rate, finally got some pics of my Expendable Yeoman (2-in-1) Costume...


"My first away mission, with Captain Kirk no less! So excited!"

Two minutes later...

Skant from pattern acquired through Yes, I splurged/was lazy. Just a warning, they ask for far, far more fabric than you need to make this outfit and it is MAD short (I am not tall or long in the torso, either). Supposedly, a 1 1/2" hem is allowed, but I had to add fabric in order to hem it at all.
In-Progress Shots of Accessories:

 Tricorder Purse out of foam (obviously this sort of construction is not really a skill of mine), after assembly before spraying with plastidip (got the idea from the awesome work of Mistress of Disguise Check out her blog-she has mad costuming skills!) I used this papercrafting template I found online for scale (altered for a flap-purse design instead of a true-to-form tricorder prop), found in this forum (pdf link on page 3)
Gore-laden ribs almost finished for Undead version of Expendable Yeoman Costume (just pin/baste gore patch onto uniform, alter make-up, and voila! Zombie/Dead Redshirt) I may have actually burned some velour for the overlay on the edges of the gore patch... with an open-flame in the sink ;-) Probably should not try that at home...

November To Do:

This doesn't really make sense/count, since the month is half over, and I am going to be headed North for over a week around Thanksgiving (and may not be able to lug projects with me), but maybe some focus will help?

So, more of a WHAT I WANT TO MAKE (wish I had the time for) LIST:
  • 70's Outfit (Yup, still working on it... or not working on it, as it were... everything is cut out and the skirt is finished except hand-sewing)
    • skirt
    • blouse
    • vest
  • Flannel Dress(es) 
  • Put lining in my Denim Duster (just hand-sewing left to do)
  • Leggings & Tops
    • Chocolate
    • Crimson
    • 'Fantasy Orange' (leggings only)
  • Thermals
  • 40s Vogue Dress in punk skull knit (yeah, baby) with neon multi-colour zebra stripe accents (?)
    • and hat?