Sunday, August 26, 2012

SAVING THE DOCTOR (T-shirt Revamp)

My favourite Doctor Who t-shirt had gotten to the stage of large holes in the underarm seams, but I couldn't let it go yet, so I turned it into a tank a la Meg.

(Life on Mars) 'Annie' Outfit: 70s Stylin'

I decided that I should pull some old stuff before I start working on new stuff, so out came this half-finished project. :-) I was looking at some 70s patterns, the reference photo I had and through my own pattern collection, and had concluded that Simplicity 2758 would serve quite well for the blouse; Wide collar with collar stand, flare sleeves with tight cuff. I got some awesome yellow paisley lawn a while back with this project in mind. Some black pinstripe suiting and alterations to s basic vest pattern I had, and the top was finished. For the skirt, I used a lightweight wool suiting and some random pattern, but did not like the drape/fit of it, and so opted to wing a simple knit skirt that flares at bottom (although not as nicely as Annie's). Unfortunately, still too warm this time of year to sport the suitings. Also, my hair sadly is much longer and no longer 70s-ish. At the time I started this project, it was the same length as Annie's cute feathered bob-ish look, if that gives you an idea how long it's been sitting around.

Monday, August 20, 2012

(Sort of Punkish) Jersey Dress and Matching Hat

I had this black cotton jersey with skull/clockface motif lying around for probably a couple of years, if I'm being honest. There had been various ideas about what I wanted to do with it, but apparently none of them were 'right' because it never got made into anything. For some reason I decided I wanted a jersey dress made from Simplicity 3775 (I didn't quite have the guts, and probably not the yardage to do the jumpsuit from Simplicity 2401- Plus, if it's one piece pants and zips up the side, that's a nightmare for someone who has to pee like 20 times a day). I accented with some more of the copious amount of pink chiffon that I still have no idea what I was thinking when I bought (and can't really remember ordering it). The midriff accent was made just by cutting the midriff overlay pieces from the chiffon. The neck and sleeve bands I overlayed over the jersey so that they'd still have enough structure to do their job.

The hat is from Simplicity 5508.
 I had made this hat once before, using a flannel (that's right, I made a flannel sunhat, judge me if you dare! It had pineapples on it!) and interfacing as instructed. It was super floppy. I wanted more structure with this one, especially since nothing is more sheer/flimsy than chiffon, so I interfaced the chiffon for both the shell and lining, and also used a layer of buckram (basting it to all the pieces of the shell). I'm not sure if I followed instructions, but I constructed the shell and then the lining, sewed them right sides together along the brim, leaving an opening, turned it, and topstitched around the edge to close it off (because that's how I roll). I thought about doing a scallop stitch in black around the edge, but decided simple was better in this case, and let the tie made from the jersey do the work (plus, as is, I can trim it to accompany various outfits).

Matchy, Matchy!

PS Did you notice my mistake that I was too lazy to fix? (If it was for someone else, I totally would have gone back and redid it, but as it was just for me... the design on the bodice front can stay upside down, and that's what I get for trying to conserve fabric!)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

TARDIS Wallets

Blue Base Coat with Krylon craft spray. Hand-painted detail in and out... Rustoleum Clear Sealant spray (tried Krylon, but it dried cloudy, definitely would not recommend it!)

DAVIES (9th/10th, Eccleston/Tennant) VARIATION:
My favourite Doctor being David Tennant, I of course went with his variation of the TARDIS...

So... when I saw KrazyKitty's wallet on craftster, I knew what my new wallet had to be. I've had the same wallet for about a decade (quite literally, I think 10 or 12 years) and it's falling apart. Probably should have gotten a new one a while ago, but I so loved my wallet that it needed something pretty spectacular to convince me to move on. A TARDIS wallet definitely meets those standards!

Before (acquired at a thrift store)...
Because I couldn't keep all the awesomeness for myself, and it was my friend's birthday, I made her a wallet of the newest TARDIS variation.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Steampunk Minion Necklace

My friend really liked the steampunk minions employed in the life-size Steampunk Expedition game from my birthday, so I made her a mini-version necklace.

Sculpey, googly eye, watch gear, wire, chain...