Saturday, February 14, 2015

Ewok Hoodie (Baby-Sized)

Planning, giving a lot of thought to a piece can be a good thing, to get it just right... But sometimes it's just best to follow-through immediately on creative ideas. This was one of those projects. Not really sure where the notion popped into my head, but I decided to make an Ewok hoodie, and since I only had about a yard of faux fur in my stash, it's a baby-sized hoodie (also little kids make cuter ewoks). Instead of saying, 'that's a good idea, sketch it out for a later date', I decided to just get my lazy butt off the couch and do it. Drafted, cut out, sewn in a little less than five hours.

The cowl hood is from a poly moleskin, and is an entirely separate piece from the jacket, which is fully lined with cotton poplin. The hoodie is a front-zip.

 Vintage button stash for the win!

It's listed in my etsy shop, if you know a little Ewok who needs his fur and ears.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Steampunk Schoolmarm Lolita Dress

Another one of those 'I bought this fabric awhile ago and it's been sitting around in my stash waiting for inspiration' projects...

The khaki and black plaid had to be for something Steampunk, but also, maybe being influenced by continual interest in praire/country style, this design came to mind. (the actual pieces I ended up drafting were slightly different for the bodice than in this sketch- namely the left front and right front ended up being the same double-breasted style shape).

Buttoned up, it's sort of a cross between military (asymetrical, double-breasted, brass buttons) and school-marm (high collar, conservative bodice). It also seemed a little lolita-ish with the the doll-like conservativeness, length and lace accents.

With the bodice open, it's got the double-lapel visible for a more high-fashion look. I ended up lining the entire bodice in a contrast fabric to add a little something special to the piece.

It's got an elasticated high-waist and elastic gathered cuffs on the three-quarter sleeves, which makes it super comfy and a good fit for a variety of body types.

Last of these nifty, brass-look buttons. Unfortunately, not made of real metal, but I love the swirl designwork.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Steampunk Belle (Village Costume Reinterpretation)

This was going to be my Halloween costume last fall, but then I had my carpal tunnel, etc. issues and couldn't sew for several months. Since I had all of the supplies, anyway, decided to make this since I'm back to sewing. Actually, it's been basically finished for about a month. I just kept putting off the last couple of things and getting dressed up to take photos.

 This Costume Consists of the Following Pieces:
-White Button-Down Shirt
-White Ruched Petticoat in Embroidered/Appliqued Fabric
-Blue Swirl Flock Taffeta Bustle Skirt with Straps in front and Bow in back
-Blue Swirl Flock Taffeta Harness Vest
-White Mini-Apron
-Blue Swirl Flock Taffeta Bow on Clip

There's Also a necklace with Black on White Rose Cameo, but you can't see it in most of the photos because it refused to stay outside of the blouse. Also, Hollow Book & Altered/Steampunked Nerf Gun. And I have a pair of blue-tinted goggles (finally splurged on a new pair, since I've been using the same DIY ones from the first steampunk costume I made), which of course I forgot to don for these photos.


Her nose stuck in a book...

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Cozy Plaid Tunic

So, I had this lovely, thick, supersoft brushed cotton plaid that I impulse bought (me, impulse-buying fabric? I know you're shocked.). Anyway, finally decided I wanted a nice winter tunic so maybe I'd stop being a complete bum hanging around the apartment in pajama pants during the week (hasn't really worked).

I pulled out some various dress and tunic patterns, some historical, some vintage, some modern... but the basic dolman sleeve won out for its simplicity and efficiency in fabric conservation/usage.

The matching tie is long enough to completely wrap-around (twice) in an obi-style waist.

Paired with red fleece-lined leggings, North Woods moccasins, and magpie pocketwatch necklace.