Sunday, February 8, 2015

Steampunk Belle (Village Costume Reinterpretation)

This was going to be my Halloween costume last fall, but then I had my carpal tunnel, etc. issues and couldn't sew for several months. Since I had all of the supplies, anyway, decided to make this since I'm back to sewing. Actually, it's been basically finished for about a month. I just kept putting off the last couple of things and getting dressed up to take photos.

 This Costume Consists of the Following Pieces:
-White Button-Down Shirt
-White Ruched Petticoat in Embroidered/Appliqued Fabric
-Blue Swirl Flock Taffeta Bustle Skirt with Straps in front and Bow in back
-Blue Swirl Flock Taffeta Harness Vest
-White Mini-Apron
-Blue Swirl Flock Taffeta Bow on Clip

There's Also a necklace with Black on White Rose Cameo, but you can't see it in most of the photos because it refused to stay outside of the blouse. Also, Hollow Book & Altered/Steampunked Nerf Gun. And I have a pair of blue-tinted goggles (finally splurged on a new pair, since I've been using the same DIY ones from the first steampunk costume I made), which of course I forgot to don for these photos.


Her nose stuck in a book...


  1. This looks so great! DId you make the pattern yourself? It doesn't resemble any pattern I know... The blue suits you very well and you'd make a cute Belle in my eyes!

    1. Thanks!

      Both the Harness/Vest and Bustle Skirt are my original design. The white petticoat was just an improvised ruched (with elastic) creation. The blouse is from Simplicity 4077. The little apron is from Simplicity 4015.