Saturday, February 14, 2015

Ewok Hoodie (Baby-Sized)

Planning, giving a lot of thought to a piece can be a good thing, to get it just right... But sometimes it's just best to follow-through immediately on creative ideas. This was one of those projects. Not really sure where the notion popped into my head, but I decided to make an Ewok hoodie, and since I only had about a yard of faux fur in my stash, it's a baby-sized hoodie (also little kids make cuter ewoks). Instead of saying, 'that's a good idea, sketch it out for a later date', I decided to just get my lazy butt off the couch and do it. Drafted, cut out, sewn in a little less than five hours.

The cowl hood is from a poly moleskin, and is an entirely separate piece from the jacket, which is fully lined with cotton poplin. The hoodie is a front-zip.

 Vintage button stash for the win!

It's listed in my etsy shop, if you know a little Ewok who needs his fur and ears.

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  1. This is so fluffy I'm gonna die! No seriously, if I ever get (or kidnap, which is more likely) a child, I need this in my life!