Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Summer Aprons

While I was making aprons for my friend in the spring,
I also whipped a batch for HIVE, an awesome little shop in Schoharie, NY.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Family Aprons

My friend asked me to make a few sets of aprons to give to her family as Mother's Day gifts (way back in the spring, and yes I did get them done on time... more or less... but haven't been blogging, so some back-blogging here). She gave me pretty free rein, with just a few guidelines
 (it's hard to draw from scratch to make items for people you don't know).


This set's criteria was 'Southern'. Mother, Father & Daughter. The girls aprons are from Simplicity 1240 style B, in this wonderful orange floral print I found at Jo-Ann's, accented with a green on green polka dot, which was also used as the accent for the father's apron, a basic style made using Simplicity 2824.


This family were the suphero lovers, so I used some Marvel fabric to make the Mother, Father & son aprons. Again the men's were made using Simplicity 2824, a pretty universal style apron, with an adjustable strap with D-rings. This fabric was busy enough, I used a simple red accent, and red ribbons to trim the mother's. Hers was made from Simplicity 2351 (an out of print Cynthia Crowley pattern).


 The final set of aprons was for a Mother, Daughter, Father & Son family, with the specification of 'artsy' for the art teacher mother, that the daughter likes pink. And the little boy likes planes and trains. I found this pretty fabric at Jo-Ann fabrics for the girl's aprons, deciding that it needed pink accents, including a polka dot ribbon. Later, I decided that it also needed pink polka dot pockets. My friend picked out the cute Disney Planes fabric, and I used the leftover green polka dot for the accents.