Saturday, February 7, 2015

Cozy Plaid Tunic

So, I had this lovely, thick, supersoft brushed cotton plaid that I impulse bought (me, impulse-buying fabric? I know you're shocked.). Anyway, finally decided I wanted a nice winter tunic so maybe I'd stop being a complete bum hanging around the apartment in pajama pants during the week (hasn't really worked).

I pulled out some various dress and tunic patterns, some historical, some vintage, some modern... but the basic dolman sleeve won out for its simplicity and efficiency in fabric conservation/usage.

The matching tie is long enough to completely wrap-around (twice) in an obi-style waist.

Paired with red fleece-lined leggings, North Woods moccasins, and magpie pocketwatch necklace.


  1. This tunic looks very comfy and the colours are very flattering on you!

  2. I love how the red of the tights picks up the color in the plaid. And the design of the tunic is cute. I'd wear this around the house any day, without regard to gender-presentation.