Sunday, August 26, 2012

(Life on Mars) 'Annie' Outfit: 70s Stylin'

I decided that I should pull some old stuff before I start working on new stuff, so out came this half-finished project. :-) I was looking at some 70s patterns, the reference photo I had and through my own pattern collection, and had concluded that Simplicity 2758 would serve quite well for the blouse; Wide collar with collar stand, flare sleeves with tight cuff. I got some awesome yellow paisley lawn a while back with this project in mind. Some black pinstripe suiting and alterations to s basic vest pattern I had, and the top was finished. For the skirt, I used a lightweight wool suiting and some random pattern, but did not like the drape/fit of it, and so opted to wing a simple knit skirt that flares at bottom (although not as nicely as Annie's). Unfortunately, still too warm this time of year to sport the suitings. Also, my hair sadly is much longer and no longer 70s-ish. At the time I started this project, it was the same length as Annie's cute feathered bob-ish look, if that gives you an idea how long it's been sitting around.

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