Sunday, November 13, 2011

November To Do:

This doesn't really make sense/count, since the month is half over, and I am going to be headed North for over a week around Thanksgiving (and may not be able to lug projects with me), but maybe some focus will help?

So, more of a WHAT I WANT TO MAKE (wish I had the time for) LIST:
  • 70's Outfit (Yup, still working on it... or not working on it, as it were... everything is cut out and the skirt is finished except hand-sewing)
    • skirt
    • blouse
    • vest
  • Flannel Dress(es) 
  • Put lining in my Denim Duster (just hand-sewing left to do)
  • Leggings & Tops
    • Chocolate
    • Crimson
    • 'Fantasy Orange' (leggings only)
  • Thermals
  • 40s Vogue Dress in punk skull knit (yeah, baby) with neon multi-colour zebra stripe accents (?)
    • and hat?

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