Tuesday, January 3, 2012

50s Smocked Hostess Apron (COMPLETED PROJECT)

Finally finished up this 50s Smocked Hostess Apron that I started who knows how long ago... (see link for scan of vintage pattern I uploaded)
I followed the directions as to colour/fabric choice, as well, red and white gingham, black embroidery floss, and black grosgrain ribbon (velvet probably would've looked better, but I opted for what was available.)
The apron in the pattern sketches is much fuller than it turned out for me... oh well...


  1. very cute. Crazy jealous of your smocking skills. I've always wished to learn to do that (of course, then I would smock everything).

  2. :-)

    Smocking is superfun, and easy if you use a check print, such as a gingham. You don't have to lay out any grid or use basting stitches, just smock away!

    I think it'd be a cute effect with some of your babydoll dresses, Meg! ;-) I'd love to see some smocking in a 'punk' outfit. It seems somehow counterintuitive to the style, but I think it would work...