Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sh! It's a Surprise! (Cherry Hat)

I made this hat for my grandmother. I hope it fits her (if it doesn't I will make her another one, since I have plenty of fabric). Hopefully I will be mailing it out to her this weekend (so nobody tell and ruin the surprise!) She's been having health issues (that I know she would prefer I not broadcast to the world). Let's just say that I hope this will brighten her day and she'll get some good use out of it.

It's reversible!

Simplicity 5353, only sort of following their sewing directions... as per usual for me. I wanted it to be reversible, so I attached brim pieces to their corresponding crowns instead of sewing the brim together, and then attaching to the hat and lining and the putting the band/ribbon on the inside to cover the seam. Then I just put them together and finished the 'raw' brim edge with bias tape (after removing the seam allowance I did not use).

You may recognize the fabric as leftovers from my 50s Cherry Dress...

PS. Doesn't my new teal organic cotton jersey sleep shirt (which for some reason did not merit its own post, apparently, since I made it over a month ago) look like the comfiest thing ever? No? Well, it is...

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  1. I hope your gram gets better! I love this hat! And yes, yes you do need to put a lock on your closet.