Saturday, August 6, 2011

Casual Steampunk? & Fall Wardrobe Ideas...

I'm thinking that for fall, I would like some new wardrobe. And since my stash is comprised of a lot of fabrics specifically chosen (randomly bought on sale) for their steampunk potential...

I think I want to make this dress, which can be paired with a simple vest (I'm thinking a brown suiting) for Casual (aka worn to work, etc.) as well as done up (with separate bustle, and underbust) for full Steampunk costuming.
 I'm going to use a silkessence (like for my 'Riding Habit' costume), three layers of ruffles at the hem, ruffles along a placket in the center front, puffy sleeves, and of course, a hood (I have a bit of an addiction for them...) The underbust in this great black and white stripe cotton I couldn't resist, with waistcoat style hemline and welt pocket (for my pocket watch), and probably some of the great brass buttons my mom got me for my birthday.

Other pieces I would love to make for the fall (if I had the fricken time!):

A 70s outfit, a la Annie from Life on Mars (the awesome UK version, not the mediocre US one)

Perhaps, utilizing this freebie vintage pattern (1972) that's come my way... I think I would alter the vest for the lapel of Annie's, and perhaps the collar of the blouse, too.

I just need to find some cheesy 70s print lawn for the blouse. I have the perfect pinstripe suiting for the vest. I probably have something for the skirt, too... maybe... hopefully... because I really, really want to destash and not buy more fabric for a long while. Notions, they'll probably need to be aquired...

Also would like to make the 40s dresses that have been in the Project queue for over a year :-( Damn me! I think the whole 'I'm going to work on stuff to put in my etsy shop' needs to be rethought. ME! ME! ME! ME! Er... I mean, I had better work on stuff for me as to practice honing my skills. Yeah, that's it.

Alright, alright. To work with me. Custom orders and TO DO LIST items first...

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  1. Ha, I'm the opposite way. Instead of thinking Me Me Me I need to start thinking - maybe this should go in the etsy shop. It's too nice a day today to be in crafting though.