Sunday, August 7, 2011

Custom Order Madame Chan: Completed

This was for a custom order of the Madame Chan Visits Victoria jacket. She had a great hat with black and red accents, and her steampunk character has ties to China (Peking, I think), so  we decided on these black and red brocades with cherry blossom motifs. Again, a basic Asian jacket style, with handsewn frog closures and addition of bustle. (Had to take a picture with my goggles, since they matched so well...)


  1. Love the red and black, so dramatic! Beautifully done.
    How did you make the bustle? Is it just layers of ruffles? Or is there something more complicated going on in there?

  2. Meg- :-)

    Moxie Tonic- The bustle is just fabric. The bottom layer is curved up at the bottom edges, the rest are folded in half (to add body), and then I ruffled them on the machine (by hand, not with the ruffler foot which I'm afraid of breaking with too much fabric thickness). And I picked up more ruffles when I hand sewed them onto the jacket shell. (Also, edges were hemmed and raw edges were overlocked. The top ruffle was stitched and turned for a nice finish). And if that made any sense to you, it'd be a miracle (I'm not so good with the explaining).