Sunday, July 22, 2012

Black Gauze Wrap Pants & Pink Chiffon Top

One of my favourite summer clothing items is a pair of wrap pants I made a few years ago from Simplicity 5508 (I believe it is no longer in print, but that there is a different pattern that has the same wrap pants currently in production).

This black lightweight cotton (gauze) with silver stripes was just begging to become a pair.

I had no idea what top I could wear with it, so I went through my stash and found the massive amount of pink chiffon (that I cannot even fathom the reason I purchased it for... probably because it was on sale), which seemed like a good idea for a lightweight summer shirt.

While I've utilized the pants pattern numerous times, as well as tried out the hat, I'd never given the (knit) tops pattern a go, and thought 'hey, why not?' Quite like how it turned out. Due to the sheerness, I opted just to finish the neck edge with a narrow hem instead of using facing pieces.

(Have to say this outfit turned out a lot more flattering than I had imagined, which is a nice bonus!)

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