Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jellyfish Wrap Pants

I considered making a stencil or finding a sketch to transfer, but as with most projects, it's just better to wing it ;-) So I freehanded with a pink painter's pen (I love these things!)
Simplicity 5508 (Out-of-print now, I believe, but if I recall correctly there is another newer one with the wrap pants included...) View C (the rest are tops, flip-flops, a floppy hat, a bag -good, complete beachwear pattern) in Blue batik (which I ended up ordering because the ones in the store were too busy or the patterns formed by the dye weren't 'oceany'.

They look better on a person, but since they're not my size, they would not lay right if I modeled them. Initially, I was going to do both legs, but that seemed like it'd be too busy/overkill. So I left it as one leg, but this seemed unbalanced. My friend suggested adding a 'squishy', aka a mini/baby jellyfish. He is on the upper left leg, across from the large lone jellyfish.


  1. I love your jellyfish!! So awesome!

    How do those paint pens work? I've never trusted them, but it's been about fifteen years since the last one I used so they may have gotten better, yeah?

  2. Personally, I LOVE these bad boys (I use the Elmer's brand)! They get a bit frustrating when they start to run out, but they seem to hold up pretty well. Don't bleed too much (at least on the woven cottons and twills, as well as the umbrellas, I've employed them with). I suppose the control also depends upon the tip type of the marker. I actually prefer the chisel edge although it's fatter, because the rounded 'medium' tip gets dull/frays fast when using on textured fabrics.

    You can set them into the cottons with heat/ironing and they seem to withstand washing decently (unlike the fabric markers, which wash out relatively quickly).

    The bad thing is that they're wasteful, I suppose. Not as earth friendly as reusing a paintbrush...