Saturday, July 30, 2011

GEAR MONKEY COAT (Tinkerer's Frock Coat Revisited)

Explorer's/Dreamer's Pose
So had the idea back in, what, February (?) of making a 'simpler' version of the Tinkerer's Frock Coat.
Also made the pants, years ago out of nifty microfiber

Turns out, it's just as much work. :-/

And I got lazy when I had to draft armhole facing (which really isn't that difficult and took me all of ten minutes...) instead of being able to just fold the edge in and hem it up like I was able to do with the Tinkerer's.
Add in hand-painting gear motif, and it's the freakin' equivalent time-consuming monster, even with all of the details (grease stains, tears, wear, and patches) of the Tinkerer's.
HOODS: Necessity to occlude identity from THE MACHINE
Charging what I do for these pieces (below minimum wage if I bothered to count the hours), I think I can only stomach one or two custom orders. Plus, I really, really don't like to do the same thing too many times. I have attention span issues, apparently.
Good Ol' Detachable Hood/Sleeves for messy jobs
Also, didn't really draft up patterns for the cargo pockets last time (and cargo pockets are the devil, more complicated than welt pockets, etc.) Sort of just winged it, so I had to do all that drafting this time 'round.

Billowy Coat for COOLNESS... :-)


  1. The original tinkerer's coat was one of my all time favorite projects EVER on any website. I have to say, I love this one just as much. I really wish I could have one.

  2. Oh that is so bad ass!!! It looks like you're ready for burning man festival!!