Sunday, November 4, 2012

Learning to Crochet

So far, I'm having difficulty understanding some of the stitch directions in the books I got from the library. Ironically, 'Crocheting School: A Complete Course' was the most incoherent. I think part of the problem is that I have too small a crochet hook for the gauge of yarn and I can't see the stitches clearly. I'm also noticing that I probably have a tendency to have the tension way too tight... same as when I gave knitting a go. Seemed to work for these little loop flowers, however...

Next project will hopefully be a hat, with a thicker yarn and larger hook.

Not sure I'm going to have the patience to see this through until I can make lace trims, which is my ultimate goal and primary reason for learning crochet, since most of the aesthetics of crochet or knitted items just doesn't appeal to me.

Also could be a problem, this hurts my hand (again, probably holding the hook too tightly). If it causes any fatigue to my fingers whatsoever, this is probably not something I should do, since my hands get tired from hooping garments for embroidery all day, and I had planned to do my crocheting during my commute by bus to and from work.

But we'll see.


  1. I'm sorry it hurts your hand! Don't do it if it hurts!

    I hope we can get a crochet-a-long for that hat going. I've longed to do something like that but every time I see a "craft"-a-long it's always something I have no interest in making. Except for a poppet, but I never understood those directions. :-(

    1. That's funny because I've made poppets no problem ;-) I think it will be fine when I get the right hook-yarn proportion. I want to at least try the hat!!