Saturday, September 21, 2013

Addicted to Love-ly New Tie-Dye Dress

I just had to share this dress, because it's my new favourite! I mean FAVOURITE piece of clothing. Soon, it won't be weather appropriate, but I'll enjoy it while I can... 

 (Note: This is what my hair normally looks like...)
STORY: My aunt and uncle and cousins have a party every September (for several years now), a sort of Fall celebration. In the North Country (The Northern Part of New York State that you don't know exists unless you're from there, which my family is, and I am, and shall hopefully soon be returning to... eff! This Albany crap... just two more years... just two.), it's cold this time of year, but that doesn't dampen the fun. There's good food, my aunt's homemade salsa (with ingredients from their garden),  awesome baked goods, a roast pig, singer-songwriters and bands, homemade whiskey, great family and friends... and TIE-DYEING. This year was extra special, because my cousin and his girlfriend got married in a beautiful little ceremony right before the party, on the river beside the falls. Beautiful! Anyway, for tie-dyeing this year, I made this dress out of white organic cotton jersey (using a purple rayon hippie-style maxi dress my mom got me at a flea market a number of years ago for a guide). It's pretty simple. Front piece. Back piece. Ties sewn into the side seam at the waist or thereabouts. Obviously, my tie-dyeing skills are amateur at best (especially compared to the beautiful work my talented family members do!), but I still love the way it turned out.
(Note: The Quilt in the background is my bed quilt, freshly laundered and drying on the line. It was a high school graduation present from my mom. Ten years later, still as gorgeous as the day I got it. She's quite the talented quilter and is the person who taught me to sew... never learned in school.)
It's so comfy that I wear it around the house. I wore it to work. I wore it to walk to the store for milk today. It went through the wash later today and as soon as it was out, I put it back on. LOVE IT! Need more organic cotton jersey dresses (I also sort of live in the nightgown I made out of teal organic cotton jersey last year... or was it the year before?). Best fabric ever for cozy, lazy about the house-ness!

To be honest, this is something I've wanted for a long while, a pink tie-dye maxi dress. 
As Meghan would say, a 'dream outfit'. 


 Because of this...
Can't find photos of this dress on the internet, so screen shots are what you get.
Recognize the movie? 

Meg Ryan's character in Addicted to Love, Maggie was the first individual whose fashion sense actually caught my eye. I never cared much about clothes before, at the time, or for a long time after, either. I just knew I liked her Bohemian, eclectic, unique, squatter style.

Also, this...

Velvet Jacket, leopard print tank and goggles? Take that society!
 And this...

Belted Robe as daywear with Blue Boa. Heck, yeah!


  1. Lovely dress! Great basic colors with a design that's truly unique. Nice job. (It impresses the hell outta me that you can make stuff yourself.)

    And thank you SO MUCH for all the wonderful blog comments you wrote. Terrific feedback. And they taught me lots about you I didn't know -- starting with where you live and are from! I live on Long Island and went to college in upstate NY; plus, we bikers like to ride north in Fall to see the gorgeous foliage.

    I'm anxious to see your Halloween costume and appearance but want to caution you about makeup. Makeup is harder than it looks and having trouble with it -- as I did many times in the beginning -- can spoil one's experience of a big event. To ensure your holiday is a happy one, I'd suggest two things: first, do a trial run before the event so you can learn whether some skills (like applying false eyelashes) are within your ability; and second, on the day of the event, give yourself plenty of time to apply makeup (and, if necessary, wipe it off and start over again). If, that day, you hit a major snag (and it's very possible with the difficulty of what you're attempting), jump the hurdle by skipping whatever part is causing trouble. Don't let it get you down and ruin your mood. I say this as someone who has broken down in sobs over failed makeup attempts. I hope makeup enhances your special day and doesn't diminish it. Hugs!

  2. Suits you great, I love how breezy and comfortable it looks!

  3. Meg Ryan was never as killingly beautiful..and that tie-dye dress is gorgeous.