Sunday, October 6, 2013

Apron-O-Rama Pt.II

Previously on Apron-O-Rama... 
                       ....I had a bunch of fun making these cute half-aprons...


Currently on Apron-O-Rama...
                        ...I found some awesome, vintage-looking fabric on sale at Jo-Ann's... A yard of two different fabrics is enough to make a set of two contrast/complementary aprons...
Brown Polka Dot, Brown & Mint Floral, White Baby Ric-Rac
Gold Floral, Brown-Gold Zig-Zag, Baby Ric-Rac, Bias tape with embroidered accent.
Yellow Floral, Yellow-Grey Zig-Zag, Baby Ric-Rac
Pink Floral, Pink-Grey Zig-Zag, Butterfly Trim
Turquoise Floral, Turquoise Zig-Zag, Baby Ric-Rac, Bias Tape with embroidered accent
Blue Floral, Blue Polka Dot, Baby Ric-Rac, Blue Bias-tape with embroidered accent

Black & White Damask, Red Ric-Rac


Dia de los Muertos Full Apron


A Little Advice...? 
                                ... This apron needs something. I looked for a cupcake applique, but none of the stores I tried (Jo-Ann's, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Walmart...) had one bigger than 1" in diameter. Lame. So now I think I have to make a cupcake applique...
Cupcake Full Apron
So, should it be...

1.) Chocolate (to tie in the brown)? Strawberry/Pink?
2.) Located on the bib (upper part) or center skirt front?
3.) A plain old applique, or a pocket?


  1. So cute! I'm on an apron kick, so this appeals to me big-time.

  2. I imagine it in chocolate on the center skirt, somewhere off to the side and possibly askew. :D

  3. Lovely aprons, they would be a perfect Halloween costume. I think it would look great with a cupcake located in the bib upper part.