Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Steampunk Belts & Etc.

And you thought I had stopped steampunking... 

First, a simple raglan-cut dress with ruffle on the bottom, perfect base layer to build a steampunk outfit on. The brown and off-white with metallic gold pinstripe cotton-blend jersey was a perfect fabric for comfy under-dress.

A perennial favourite, I had to make another bustle skirt, and I've had this lovely brown paisley/floral print cotton fabric kicking around for a while. I especially like the little bits of color in the turquoise and pink details.

I was trying to think of a less time-consuming, and therefore less expensive alternative to corsets, harnesses, vests, or corselets, but turns out wide belts with such elaborate trim and details is just as much work as the harness-vests and etc. I make. They just take slightly less fabric (not much less, cost-wise). I really liked how they turned out, however, even they ended up a little larger than I had originally wanted to make them.

[[All items currently available in my etsy shop ;-)]]


  1. The belts are lovely and it's nice hearing from you again! I guess that you are sewing again indicates that yor health is getting better?

    1. Thanks for the note! My hands are much better than they were, but my right arm/hand will never be completely normal again. I can only do so much sewing (or any activity, really) before it starts to bother me. I have to do a variety of things and avoid the repetitive motion stuff. But, it could be worse!