Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lily Munster Costume FAQ

So... Several people have made inquiries about my Lily Munster Costume. Specifically, it seems Sleeve Construction is problematic. Since I was deep into the costuming section of my closet, I pulled out The Lily Munster and took some photos of the sleeves. (Sorry. No in-progress from back when I made the costume.) I'm going to try to give some instructions, but they are based off my memories of what I did two years and a hundred projects ago...

1. Cut fabric into two equal sizes (one for each sleeve). Fold each sleeve piece in half. The fold is basically the top of the sleeve and should be the length of your arm (from shoulder to hand).

2. Now cut through both layers along one side from fold to bottom, and then along the bottom, shaping into batwing scalloped edge shape. (You may want to go deeper than I did.)

3. Narrow Hem batwing edges AND long straight edge.

4. Attach sleeves to garment. Center top of sleeve (fold) at shoulder seam, and pin front of sleeve along armhole until you reach the point where it is even with the neckline in the back. The 'back' of the sleeve is pinned so that it comes down the back of the garment until it meets where the 'front' of the sleeve is pinned at the back of the garment, even with the neckline in the back. Sew sleeve to garment.

5. Now bring the Sleeve Back across the Bodice Back, following the neckline (tucked under where the rickrack goes). Pin and Sew. The remainder of the sleeve back will drape down along the zipper/center back.

6. Try on garment. Decide where the sleeve slit should lie. Mark and Cut. Narrow Hem the edges.



1. How much fabric did you use? Um... I think five or six yards of both the satin and the silk chiffon for the body of the dress. However, like I said previously, I ran out and had to acquire six more yards of chiffon for the sleeves (this time poly from Jo-Ann Fabrics).

2. How did you do the sleeves? See above.

3. Do you know where to find cheaper silk chiffon fabric? The internet.  j/k... Maybe try https://www.fashionfabricsclub.com/ Or even eBay. Honestly, the light pink polyester chiffon I got from Jo-Ann Fabrics was a pretty good substitute.

4. How much did the dress cost overall? Not sure at this point. But I think I rather not try to figure that out.

5. What material did you use for the black straps around the waist? It's black satin ribbon with black tassels tied to the ends. Both are available at craft and sewing stores. The ribbon is sewn in place at the bodice and the last row is left to hang at the hips, tied in front.


  1. Nice tips but I think I'll leave this level of sewing to skilled experts like you. I admire from the sidelines! Happy Halloween, buddy.

  2. I love this dress! I recently got commissioned to make a Lily Munster costume for someone, and I wanted to follow your guide, but I'm still a bit confused on some things. You mentioned making an overdress and an underdress; did you sew the two together at the neckline or the armholes or at all? Also I was wondering if you could maybe take more pictures of the sleeves' attachments to the dress? I love how they look like they're coming from the back like actual wings, but I still can't figure out how you sewed them.