Monday, January 4, 2016

Victorian 'Rational Dress' Inspired Steampunk Outfit

During the late Victorian era, there was a movement by woman campaigning for 'Dress Reform' so that the modern woman's wardrobe would better suit her active lifestyle. The most notable garment innovation resulting from the 'Rational Wear' movement was probably the split-skirts, such as riding skirts, peddle pushers, etc. 

This outfit features a pair of wide-legged wrap pants, with bib-front (sailor style) with covered buttons in Brown polycotton poplin with white pinstripe. The sleeveless blouse is based on an 1898 bodice design and is done in this fabulous white and gold damask cotton.


  1. I love this outfit, especially the pants.

    (On my screen, your post ends in the middle of a sentence. Intended?)

    1. Nope. My only internet acces at home is my phone... It is extremely problematic to blog this way, which is why I haven't been around... Hopefully I can fix it! (The app is also craptacular.)