Wednesday, November 16, 2016

STEAMPUNK BABY: Overalls & Hat Sets

Overalls & Engineer/Newsboy Hat

For Steampunks of the Future... Er... Past? Or Past's Future? So that would be the Present, right?

These overalls are 12mo/1yr in size with adjustable straps and elastic in the back for fit. I had some awesome striped fabrics in my stash, as well as the gear print sage colored cotton and gold on brown polka dot.

The sage stripe was an upholstery fabric that I've made a number of things from, but this marks the end of it. And definitely worth the use in this cute design, I think.

The hat is a newsboy/engineer's style in child size, with elastic at the back for fit.


  1. Now you have me wanting a baby just to dress him/her/it up in this! So cute.