Friday, March 2, 2018

Hawkeye Shirts

Hawkeye is my favorite Marvel superhero... Both Clint Barton & Kate Bishop. So naturally the first vinyl transfers I had to experiment with were inspired by (David Aja's) Hawkeye comic art.

Kate Bishop aka "The Other Hawkeye" T-Shirt

I got a sample of every purple heat transfer vinyl I could find, but of course none were exactly the right shade to match the comic art. (It is more purple in real life than in the photo, but still... only as close as I could get to matching Clint Barton's Purple Target Shirt.

Clint Barton aka "Hawkguy" T-Shirt
Most popular among my Hawkeye Shirts appears to be the Purple Arrow on Black 'Uniform" Clint Barton wears... It is an easy look to achieve, because have to love our "simple" hero...

Purple Arrow Casual Cosplay T-Shirt
Here's an Awesome Hawkeye Cosplay by @gnat_rodgers (instagram) using one of my shirts!

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