Friday, May 18, 2018

Joker Tee & Harley Quinn Tops

I decided to design a line of Casual Cosplay T-Shirts. And naturally, The Joker & Harley Quinn seemed a natural pairing.


The Joker Casual Cosplay T-Shirt
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I think The Joker would be the type of guy to appreciate a good tuxedo shirt. I think I may play with the design a little more to get something more in 'realistic' proportions. Except if I do, the fantastic overly pointed lapels will be lost. Another suggestion was to add the stripes from the pants... Opinions?

I couldn't decide which style top to Frankenstein (aka cut up and resew) into a Harley Quinn top, so I did both a cute tanktop from Next Level and a Vintage (heathered fabrics) Dolman sleeve top from Next Level. Because a red and a black top were required to cut up and sew together, I ended up with two mirror versions of each.


Harley Quinn Casual Cosplay Tops
Available in my Etsy
Tank Tops Back
Tank Tops
I decided to do a simple, solid color diamond shape heat transfer vinyl to decorate the tanks after I cut them up and resewed the. I liked the aesthetic of keeping the diamonds on the same side but had to reverse the color to adapt to the mirror product.

Traditional Harley Quinn is red on (her) lower right and upper left.


Dolman Sleeve Tops
Available in my Etsy
I decided to do a more complicated diamond heat vinyl transfer with a deteriorated 'vintage' look to match the vintage style fabric (the nature of which doesn't translate well in these photos but looks really smart in real life). Picking out all the little bits has been the most complicated 'weeding' I've had to do so far.

The backs of the Dolman Sleeve Tops has the red, which is a little too bright to really match the 'vintage red' of the tops, but there really would be no HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) to match.

Back of Dolman Sleeve Tops


I was looking for a more comfy style of top for Casual Cosplay 
(for people who don't want to put on the spandex).

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