Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'm in Love(tt) with Spoonflower!

Completely unrelated (besides the fact that I haven't posted lately)... I've been so insanely busy, I kind of lament the days of being a shut-in/unemployed mooch... I was not idle then, but there was never any pressure to the household chores, the stacking of firewood, the gardening, the sewing (only small and few projects that I could afford). Guess that's how life goes. Now I can fund my playing more but have no time for everything I'd like to make.

Anyhow, there may be a chance that I have already decided what I want my Halloween costume to be this year... (possibly even several weeks ago). Yes, I am aware that this particular (most fantastic) holiday is six months away. But I have big plans...

Since I want this dress, and it's likely to be a very epic undertaking, why not plan for Halloween? And of course, parasol and full make-up and hair will be required. But dilemma! In studying this costume, one finds that at least two different patterns of red candy stripe are employed (the bodice vs. skirt).

How will I ever find a stripe that resembles this  (As far as I could tell, the prints are as follows: 'thick stripe-thin stripe-thick stripe' for the bodice and wider 'thick stripe-three thin stripes-thick stripe' for the skirt), let alone two different ones that have matching tones/hues?!!

At first, I was thinking I might have to hand paint my pieces. SO much work, but my OCD side would not allow me to do otherwise. And I was getting quite stuck on emulating this more precisely than just picking up any old red stripe fabric and calling it good. In a preliminary internet search on quicker/easier/cleaner ways of painting/designing your own fabrics, I came across SPOONFLOWER, the most brilliant concept ever! (I've heard of these fabric printing setups before, but only on a individual-owned/specialty shop basis. Nothing so conveniently accessible.)

You upload a TIFF file and they print it on fabric for you. They have a variety of fabrics available, ranging from Kona cotton to silk to canvas, and it's by the yard. I am so very excited to try this out, I cannot even describe to you! For those of you who sew, you know what I'm talking about, when you have a certain idea stuck in your head and you just can't find that perfect fabric to meet your wishes (an often occurrence)... it's the most frustrating thing ever! The concept alone of being able to get that perfect fabric, it makes my world an absolutely magical place.

I have already ordered and received my sample swatches (unprinted fabric) to determine the quality and decide which specific fabric I'd like to use. I hope using this company is as wonderful it appears to be. This project will be the test for me. (Needless to say, I'm already thinking about other fabrics/designs I've been dreaming/coveting).

So excited for this project, and Halloween (my surveying thus far has confirmed my initial assertion that since the holiday falls on a Wednesday this year, we have two weekends of Halloween)!!

(Now if I only can get my current project obligations completed...)

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