Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sewing Weekend Challenge: Day 2

Well, I mostly failed in the sewing department this weekend, being extremely lazy and taking a three-hour nap today. I did, however, put together one of the blouses for the Mrs. Fitzsimmon's ensembles before noon. Got about .01% done on the secret project. Fixed a commissioned project (card crown), and drafted and cut out a smaller size of the Sleeveless Blouse.

Reversible Card Crown: Take 2
I think the method of tucking the cards into the band and sewing them up worked far better, much more stable.  I had to glue them in first to make sure they didn't move whilst sewing and end up crooked. I actually like the visibility of the band as well. It's one of my all-time favourite fabrics, I had employed previously in Wonderland projects. Hard to tell the print on the narrow, band I suppose, but still...


  1. i have that faabric for the band, red scribble hearts and swirls, I made a skirt with it!

    1. ooh, a skirt sounds great in this!

      I still stop and drool every time I walk by it in the fabric store. I should pick some more of it up...