Saturday, June 16, 2012

Finger-Woven Belt (In-Progress)

Indian Handcrafts by C. Keith Wilbur
To go with my Trade Shirt for my Steampunk Tracker costume. This might take much more time than I can afford to allot to the piece... but I like the idea of a colorful/patterned belt in traditional native style (alright, excepting perhaps colour and materials, but I had to go dollar store somewhere to make up for the other stuff!)
Otherwise, accomplished not much today (except caving and ordering those moccassins, which I decided to opt for instead of a buckskin pants kit, because it was cheaper and I can just make some basic 18th century trousers using one of the suitings or twill I already have on hand) since I had to work this morning, oh-joy-of-joys :-/

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