Saturday, December 15, 2012

Steampunk Bodice (& the TARDIS)

We went to the Victorian Stroll in Troy a couple weekends ago, and of course steampunk'd it. Guess who else decided to show up there? The Doctor parked his blue box outside a tea shop (they were doing a Doctor Who theme during the stroll... very awesome)!

At any rate, I already had a full Victorian skirt (from my Mrs. Lovett costume) which seemed fitting for Christmas time shenanigans, being red and white candy stripe. But a new bodice/ jacket was in order...

McCalls 6710 
+ tails
- about an inch (along shorten/lengthen line)
+ welt pockets                                               

I've had these neat swirl brass buttons for quite a while. There's actually a couple on the sides of my goggles, holding the strap to the goggles. Anyway, they were perfect for this piece, and that's the last of them! Also, welt pockets! Forgot how much I love them and they are perfect for pocket watches!

I lined the bodice in leftover stripe fabric to match the skirt, and also trimmed my topper out with a band, bow and long drapey ties. The belt I pulled from my old steampunk pirate outfit, finished grommeting it (I had only done the first few holes because I had limited resources when I made it and not enough grommets), attached my aetheray gun in holster, threaded a compass on a watch chain through the grommets, attached a reticule (made from the same black dot on black cotton as the bodice) and was kitted out.
(Plus this totally justifies the expense of that custom made red stripe silk-cotton fabric I got through spoonflower, since I've now used it for two events... right?)

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