Sunday, April 14, 2013


So when this lovely design by Matt Parsons & Karen Hallion was on (a t-shirt of the day sort of site), I did snap and buy one. I'd been admiring Karen Hallion's 'Fairytale Who' series for a while, especially the Bad Wolf one.

Anyway, it came last week in the mail, and for the rest of the week I couldn't stop thinking that I needed a special outfit to coordinate. And this past weekend...

Yeah. This totally happened. Don't you ever get that way? Plan an entire outfit around one piece? Okay, okay, so making an outfit to coordinate around a geek-themed t-shirt is a little different, but... I'm not ashamed of my geekery!

Anyway, top/jacket brought to you by McCalls 6442, only minus the lining and finished differently (because of the lack of lining). I had this red plaid taffeta in my stash, being acquired from Jo-Ann fabrics during one of the 50% off Red Tag sales (the best way to get fabric!) And just enough for this jacket. Actually, the belt is made out of a red poly, because I couldn't finagle it out of my remnant cut of fabric.

For the skirt, I sadly had nothing remotely TARDIS blue, so I picked up a couple yards of a batik/tie-dye at Walmart.  The pattern used for the skirt was a basic one (quick and easy), Simplicity 2656. Probably not the best style for me, since while it does fit, my wide hips/big thighs distort the pleat quite a bit. But POCKETS! And Pockets in the jacket, too. Which is nice, because I don't always remember to include them when they aren't in the pattern. I made a TARDIS stencil out of cardboard and made the motif into almost a border with white fabric paint. It's a little sloppy, but I like the effect on the 'tie-dye.'

And then I played in the 'forest'... Okay, so it was shrubbery out back of our apartment. I miss the real woods...


  1. I absolutely love the jacket! The skirt is nice with the Tardis stencil and all that, but I simply could steal the jacket from you!

  2. So cute! And clever. Just beware of the big bad wolf.

  3. Love the hood on this jacket, it's perfect for the tshirt! Excellent job on the stencil as well! This is actually the Doctor Who season that I'm watching at the moment :)