Saturday, April 6, 2013

BODICE: Component #4 for Plaid Voile Steampunk Costume

I opted to cut the bodice on the bias, to get a diagonal effect to contrast the skirt and compliment the hem. The finished effect is a little wonky, but that's what I get for free-handing the darts. The Vest-Underbust I will ultimately make to pair with this costume, will cover this part (which is why I got lazy, I suppose). 

It looks a bit overwhelming with all of the purple plaid, I know, but paired with the subtle/solid black accents, it should turn out more pleasing to the eye.

 I cut a wedge out of the sleeves and finished the edges, so that the (black) lining sleeve would show through. However, it just doesn't look quite substantial enough, so I'll probably insert a puff out of black brocade. The back of the sleeves feature a slit, closed with brass grommets and black ribbon.
(Sleeves via Simplicity 2207)

Can you play 'Spot the Anachronism?'  
One of many in this costume, I know. ;-) 
But if you said, 'Giant Brass Zipper', then you, my friend, are quite correct. But since I am not a  straightforward historical costumer, I can get away with this, right? What I make are fantasy variants with heavy historical influences. Specifically, STEAMPUNK! And nothing says steampunk like extra brass hardware... er... yeah.

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  1. Love the effect of the diagonal plaid for the top, and then going with the grain again on the collar. Looking forward to seeing this accessorized!