Wednesday, March 13, 2013

UNDERBUST: Component #1 for Plaid Voile Steampunk Costume

A new underbust corset, drafted myself, constructed using materials on hand (black-on-black medallion motif brocade, duck for interfacing, black cotton broadcloth for lining, remnant spiral steel for stays, rigilene poly boning, grommets, hem tape for lacing) and purchased metal ruler for the 'busk', as well as a packet of bias tape (because I was lazy.)


  1. Sadly I can't see the skull brocade in the picture, but the waistline in this corset looks great! I hope you don't run into trouble with the rigilene boning, I would hate to see your nice work ruined after some wears because the boning bends...

    1. My corsets don't get a great amount of wear. But the rigilene is only a supplement. The spiral steel stays are the man boning, placed along all the seams (doubled, one on each side of the seam.

  2. So impressive! Not only that you constructed it but that you designed it as well.

  3. That's pretty saucy! and nice hose too. One of our local colleges has a Corsetry course for ten weeks..