Sunday, March 3, 2013

Susie the Tinkerer (aka TinkerSue)

(the white flecks in this photo are snow...brrr!)
This was almost character drafting as much as clothing drafting, but she's not my primary steampunk character (which will be getting a new outfit next). I just liked the unity in producing a series of costume pieces based off from a character concept.
Not exact to original sketches, but...

Underdress in brown and white medium weight knit (which I definitely do not regret buying that one time when it was on sale... the last little bit I think is going to be a casual steampunk/everyday summer dress for ME!) The skirt has a lot of flare out to the sides, which at first I wasn't sure I liked, but really quite enjoy now. The waist is gathered by putting in four rows of casing and threading elastic through.
 Work Smock is made out of a dark brown bottomweight with an emboroidered floral motif in white. Laces up both sides through large brass grommets. Cargo pockets on front that close with ties threaded through grommets. Lined with brown twill. Neckline and hemline finished with dark brown bias tape. 

Utility Belt is brown twill with grommets, a pouch out of brown twill (with two loops on the bag to slide onto belt), and a simple tie through two grommets forms the loop to hold the wrench.

Wrench is a just a prop. Made the 'inauthentic' cheater's way (for those welding and soldering steampunk snobs). Cardboard base, craft foam veneer. Stuck together with hot glue. Spray painted with gold and then 'hammered' copper krylon. Finished with faux leather wrapping around handle.

Coveralls are a one-piece garment made of brown twill. Features cargo pockets on legs. Miniature pockets on right chest and right sleeve. Waist tie threaded through grommets. Asymmetrical double-breasted bodice, with grommets and ties for closure. Sleeves are detachable with grommets and lacing. Hood (of course!). Gear motif in gold acrylic painter's pens on back.

Perfect for tinkering in the bowels of steam engines. Or battling The Machine. 
Not going to lie. I was never much into playing dress-up as a child. I hated dresses throughout my childhood. (And jeans until I was about twelve... I wore leggings, but not the ubiquitous 90s style ones with those nasty stirrups...but that's neither here nor there).

At any rate, I seem to be more than making up for it now. I LOVE to dress up. Particularly in costume. It's the only situation in which I spend more than two minutes in front of a mirror. I wish I knew how to translate feeling so awesome in my clothes (and skin, for that matter) into my everyday. But I never have the energy to dress nice in the morning before work (plus the whole walking a mile to the bus stop and spending more than half an hour standing out in the elements total each day is prohibitive to my wardrobe). Well, guess I just have to play harder on the weekends...


  1. Wow! So creative. Dressing up, especially in costume, gives our imagination a spin around the block. Love this vibe.

  2. All of these pieces must have been so much fun to design and wear. The grommets are awesome. With gear like this, no wonder you love playing dress up!

  3. Awesome work Sue!> I'm a Fitter/Welder and you look seriously HOT in that gear! You look like the sexy hot welder chick from hell not to be messed around with! Lol.

    I Wish T'hell i knew you personally!!! Dam your HOT!!!