Saturday, March 23, 2013

BODICE LINING: Component #4A for Plaid Voile Steampunk Costume

So, I was a lazy-butt this past week, and all I've gotten done in the crafting department was the bodice lining.(Although I did decorate a new pair of rain boots to match my rain coat, to replace this pair that I loved but got an irreparable -I did try to fix but no dice- crack in the back seam. I still need to decorate my new umbrella, since I lost my awesome one by leaving it at a bus stop-a sadly frequent occurrence with me and umbrellas.)

Anyway, I cheated, yet again. Examining the 1890 pattern draft, one determines that the 'Back', 'Side Back', and 'Front' pieces are in fact linings/underlays. The 'Upper Back' and 'Upper Front' are the outer shell of the bodice/overlay, and are large pieces fitted through multiple pleats. Whereas the under layer pieces are fitted by being contour-shaped and possessing darts. And who has a massive pattern collection from which to draw...?

Bingo, Simplicity had jumped on the Steampunk bandwagon a few years back, giving us (several different patterns now) 2207, with a 'jacket' in a fitted bodice sort of style with puff sleeves. Why would using a modern pattern appeal to me? Well, it cuts out a number of steps, including scaling up from the little draft drawing (which I actually enjoy doing), adjusting for my measurements, making a mock-up (waste of fabric when it can be avoided), adjusting yet again, and then finally having a usable pattern. And let's face it, I can be lazy. Here I have a pattern produced by a company whose sizing I'm already familiar with... A few alterations to the style of the pieces themselves is all that's necessary. Aligning the front pieces with the center front line on the fold for a single bodice front  piece, cutting the back as two separate pieces rather than a single back piece, and shortening all the pieces to the desired length. But no size adjustments necessary! Woo! I decided to stitch the seam allowance of the arm scythe to the bodice, because I think I will opt for the contrast puff of the under sleeve to show (by putting a slit in the top of the voile sleeve as per the 1890 pattern draft) and wanted the seam out of the way.

I have already cut out and started putting the voile bodice together, so hopefully...

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  1. You don't give yourself enough credit. I wish I was as "lazy" as you. :)