Sunday, June 9, 2013

Everyday Dorothy Dress

First off, yes, I know I'm doing a horrible job at completing my to do list! No more distractions, I promise. Especially since I have things for other people that I'm working on. And I am working on them, I swear! But since they're not going to appear on my blog, you're just going to have to take my word for it :-)

Anyway... after wearing my 'casual' Alice ensemble to work the other day (At least one person got the reference and shouted 'Hey, Alice!' at me from their car window. I stopped and waved because I like it if my funky taste in clothing makes someone smile), I decided I would also like a casual Dorothy Gale dress. This one I think turned out a bit more subtle than my borderline lolita costume-y Alice, maybe...
Someone should keep me away from PicMonkey
Bodice altered from Simplicity 4136 so that the built-in blouse is unnecessary and the bib and back is higher. Skirt from Simplicity 2401 with pockets. Since I used a plaid of limited yardage from my fabric stash, I had to simply serge the bottom of the skirt and add lace, because there wasn't enough fabric for a proper hem (or the skirt would be too short for my slip). Also, I had to cut the straps parallel to the selvage instead of on the bias (which would have given it the nice diagonal contrast effect like with the bands), but oh well...

And oh! so many shoe options! 
Ooh... look at those sexy battered legs ;-) Because real women do things with their life and sometimes get bruised! (cough-stupid work-cough)
My newly acquired high wedge mock all-star converse (that are just so darn cute, even though I can't wear heals on my commute to work -walking over a mile each way); classic red suede pumps; ruby red platforms that I kept (even though I've sold my Deranged Dorothy costume since that Halloween) because who knows when you're going to need some ruby slippers?.

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  1. You make me so happy! Yay for every day geekery! :-)

  2. Nice dress and amazing shoes! Great idea to omit the blouse (I think the blouse makes the dress much more childish), it looks like a grown up Dororthy...