Sunday, November 17, 2013

Confession of a Homebody

So... I have confession to make that will likely shock and horrify all you style bloggers out there. But you know, I am just a crafting blogger. My creativity and art is in making pieces from scratch. You style bloggers display your immense creativity and artistry every single day when you put together amazing outfits. I, on the other hand, crawl out of bed, check the weather, discover that it's 25degrees F out and say 'f*** that sh**!' and pull on long johns and jeans. Don't get me wrong. I would much rather be wearing a cute dress, but layers (lots and lots) are key to my not-wanting-to-die. Because my body has temperature regulation issues, and my day consists of the following fluctuations:

1. Cozy, warm bed
2. 55-60 degree F apartment
3. Walking 1.25 miles to bus stop in 25 degree weather, but warm because of physical exertion (especially when running late, might work up a sweat if I have to sprint the last quarter-mile to catch the bus)
4. Standing and waiting for the bus in freezing temperatures (if I'm not running just on time or late).
5. Get on bus that is either a.) way too warm or b.)too cold (it seems to be in CDTA regulations that they never keep their buses at a moderate 68-70 degree F).
6. Get off bus in strip mall area and wait for another bus in freezing temperatures. This is the single coldest activity I have ever experienced in my life. I grew up farther North than where I live now, and it is consistently 10-20 degrees colder back home on any given day. But I never just stood around in freezing temperatures before! Only idiots would do that. Even relatively still activities such as ice-fishing on an open, windy lake (which arguably is less harsh than the wind that is whipped up between extremely poorly designed buildings that turn most of the plazas and commercial districts in this area into wind tunnels of epically frigid proportions... also, know what trees are good for? Wind breaks! Just sayin'...), we would either build a fire or be wearing arctic gear. Try wearing arctic gear on your daily commute by bus. :-/
7. Next, I get on another bus that is either too cold or too warm.
8. Get off bus, walk a block to work, not far enough to get warm.
9. Finally arrive at work, which is either a.) too cold because no one had yet turned the heat on (because for some reason the boss thinks it's a good idea to turn it off and not just down for the night, contrary to common sense about the operation of furnaces and how much more energy it takes to heat up a certain volume of air and objects to a temperature 20 or more degrees higher rather than 10 degrees more) and or b.) too warm because someone cranked the bejesus out of the furnace because it was 50 degrees when they got in.
10. alternate being too cold as deliveries are made and doors are opened and running around, working hard.
11. Bundle up, leave work. Reverse process of going to work... cold, warm, cold, warm, cold, warmer, home to coldish apartment, in which I immediately turn up the heat and...PUT ON PAJAMAS! Which brings me to the actually point that I'm confessing...


Don't misinterpret. I don't wear them out of the house (except for to take out the garbage and do the laundry in the basement of the building next door). But as soon as I get home, my work/play/out clothes get exchanged for pajamas. I feel legitimized because my room mate does the same. You'll find her taking off her pants as soon as she walks through the door. Also, I've heard-tell most girls take off their bra when they reach the safety of their own abode. I don't do this. I don't de-bra until I climb into bed. Guess I like the support. Also, this fact means that I'm not wearing pajamas... I'm wearing... loungewear. Completely legit, right?

Anyway, since I practically live in pa-loungewear, I felt making a few more pieces was justified. Plus, I used up some flannel (that I had purchased probably years ago) as well as using my super-soft Marvel stuff that I'd gotten a few months ago (and was pretty excited about). Honestly, sort of wished they'd used Captain America instead of Wolverine, because then it would just be straight Avengers, but guess you can't be choosy unless you design your own fabric.

Top: Simplicity 4048 View D

Pants: Simplicity 4023 (as limited with fabric, so the pattern doesn't quite line-up...)
Nightgown: Simplicity 4048 View C

Applied lace to the yoke to create a little texture/contrast.

  If you were just to randomly stop by the apartment, you'd likely find me wearing something similar to the preceding. Unless you called ahead... well, probably even if you called ahead. :-) Perfect wear for spending the weekends sewing, baking, cooking, or curling up on the couch.


  1. OMG I WOULD WEAR THAT FIRST THING AS A SHIRT! THAT IS AWESOME! I've been thinking about making some PJs for exactly the same reason you have- my commute pretty much looks identical to yours and when I get home my landlord regulates the heat and he's super cheap. So yeah. You look GREAT. :-)

  2. Cute clothes. I change into loungewear as soon as I get home and spend most time here relaxing in nighties. So, as you say, it's best to call first before dropping in!

  3. Oh man that sounds awful. I have the same problem with weather here, but it's not as extreme as yours; SF and Daly City always have 90-95% percent humidity, sharp winds, and temps around 55F and overcast year 'round. Walk a few miles and wait 20 mins for a bus in that, and you'll be shivering *and* sweating from the exercise. I'm sorry about the ups and downs of temperatures during your day- it's really rough to always be under stress, whether elemental or otherwise, and not be able to relax. Embrace your loungewear and relax at home, I say!

    You're adorable. Those clothes you made suit you so well. I'll bet you could rock a kimono-style top in a warm fabric, too! :D

    1. P.S. You mentioned being at your job and location for 2 more years once; may I ask where you would like to move to or do next?

    2. Thanks, Aya! :-)

      I intend to buy some land back home (the North Country in NYS) and have a small, mostly self-sufficient homestead (a few acres of woods, a couple of goats, chickens, big garden and German Shepherd). Maybe grid-tied, maybe not (depending on whether the property already has power or not). Maybe tap maple trees (depending on the composition of the woods/resources). Continue to sew. Work for no one else/no 9-to-5 where I find myself wishing the hours and days away (at least, that's the ultimate goal.)

      Why further north when I just bitched about cold weather, right? Well, I'll have a wood stove (really wishing for a cook stove), which is the most awesome heat known to man, and my small house should be nice and cozy. And working outside is something I've never had issue with. It's the standing still in the cold that's a killer (quite literally in some cases). And although I've been to a number of different places in the world, there is no place I love more than the North Country.

      Oh, how I dream...

    3. I love how peaceful and lovely this sounds. (:

      I understand entirely what you mean about cold, though. I don't mind cold so long as I have someplace warm to be! It's refreshing that way, instead of horrifying when you're stuck out in the elements waiting on something you cannot control! Empowerment! Home! Stove!

  4. My boyfriend also does this, while usually my clothes are chosen for comfort. I almost never wear something so uncomfortable it makes me want to change after work!

  5. We have stupid Wet weather here constantly, but I don't often feel cold. Your jim jams look great. Hope you have good holidays! MS.