Saturday, November 2, 2013

What's better than one Halloween Costume?


Okay, well that was obviously what I was going to say, being me. But after wearing my Lily Munster costume for a party the weekend before Halloween, I discovered that I could not in fact wear it to work. It's hemmed for heels. I cannot wear heels all day at my job or my back would be killing me (and my feet), so I'd have to wear flats and would be tripping over my skirts. Also... the hair! The wig is a little intense, wanting to be in my face ALL OF THE TIME. Not good for working with embroidery machines. Plus... I'm guessing people don't want to receive their new white lab coats with green Frankenstein make-up smudges all over them...

So I needed an alternative costume to wear to work on Halloween. Because, as we all know, the alternative is NOT wearing no costume at all but just regular work clothes. Pulling one (of three different Alice dress variations) out of my closet, making some blood spatter stickers (so I didn't have to ruin my nice white pinafore with paint), creating a white rabbit plushie, some striped tights and make-up... and voila!


Some Zombie Action
Because every Zombie Lolita Alice needs a creepy-cute plush doll.
I used a very cute free downloadable pattern from here. A great, simple pattern. Front, Back, Ears. I was able to hand-sew him on the bus, stuff and close him up in less than 1hr 20min. The rest was a sick bed project, since I unfortunately contracted a nasty cold on Tuesday, was feverish through the wee hours of the morning and stayed home sick on Wednesday. His coat is made from leftover hounds-tooth suiting, his waistcoat from leftover burgundy baroque satin. And even though you can't quite tell, one of the thread colors in the houndstooth is burgundy, so he's quite stylish. I took the short/lazy way and heat-n-bond-ed the waistcoat pieces direct to him. The coat was made by hand-sewing and with cheater's liquid thread. His eyes are from my button collection, face with embroidery floss. The pocket watch is a clock-face button with craft foam and a macramed embroidery floss chain. His tail is felt. I really like the way he turned out.


  1. What a cute little rabbit! His button eyes look just as panicky as he is in the novel...

  2. What a stylish plushie! Your talent floors me. And your costume scares me!

  3. I'm working my way back and leaving comments on my favorite blogs now!

    Yay, welcome back. We missed you but you've clearly been up to coolness in the meat space. I've jotted down the sticker blood thing as something I have to do in the future so I don't chop up/stain things. You have also taught me that Lily Munster was green. Her makeup was a more subtle shade than her husband's, so I always thought she was skin-colored!

    And while I've never grokked the trend of giant eyed morose Victorian/fairy tale girls holding creepy dolls paintings that seem to be everywhere in SF, that bunny is sweeeeeet. So fashionable! And the tail! I want to tug on it.